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Armor Clamps revolutionary auto-adjust mechanism

Not your average clamps, Armor Clamps have a revolutionary auto-adjust mechanism - a significant breakthrough in the world of clamping, and one that solves many clamping problems.


The Auto-Pro range of clamps feature the unique Auto-Adjust clamping technology that automatically applies consistent clamping pressure over a range of material thicknesses. Set the clamping pressure once and change the size and thickness of the material to be clamped as often as you like. The main benefit of this method is that these clamps are way faster to set up, and fewer adjustments are necessary.

Clamping pressures can be varied from 10 to 250 kg and will hold these pressures over time. And Armor Clamps are constructed with heat-treated, nickel-platted carbon steel to greatly improve clamping strength and pressure. Click here to view a video on the Armor Clamp range and features.

A single Armor Auto-Adjust toggle clamp replaces several standard toggle clamps, due to its expanded range of clamping force and height, and eliminates the need for constant adjustments.





Armor adjustable clamps come in a range that includes every conceivable clamping methods. Available at your local Builders store or leading hardware stores countrywide, Armor is distributed by

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