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Essential Power Tools for DIY

Whether you DIY your home improvement, DIY home repairs or DIY for fun, do-it-yourself is the way to go.




Whether you DIY your home improvement, DIY Dry lining or DIY for fun, do-it-yourself is the way to go. Those that DIY not only save a bundle, they also know that a job is done properly (with there right knowledge), and professionally (with the right tools). These are the essential power tools that every DIY-er should have in his or her workshop...



The Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver is a multi-talented tool not only because of its integrated bit cylinder with the twelve most important standard bits. Experience maximum efficiency in every operation – and you can drive up to 90 screws per battery charge.









It easily masters even the most difficult tasks. It is lightweight and handy, perfectly illuminates dark work areas and constantly provides top performance even when faced with greater challenges. Are you ready? The Bosch PSR Select cordless screwdriver certainly is.



Screwdriving and bit changes made easy:

Every do-it-yourselfer who has assembled a shelf unit, fitted a light fixture or simply tightened a few screws at home will know this problem. If you’re using different screws, you will have to change the bit now and then. This costs time, interrupts your workflow and is just not fun.

Bosch wouldn’t be Bosch if we didn’t find a solution for this: the new PSR Select cordless screwdriver is the first cordless screwdriver to have an integrated bit cylinder with the twelve most important standard bits. Searching for the right bit is therefore a thing of the past with the PSR Select because the 12 standard bits are always at hand and can be changed quickly and easily.







Screwdriving has never been easier. Get to know its innovative features on these pages: from its illuminated window, to its integrated LED light for illuminating dark work areas, through to its practical forward/reverse and charge level indicator. And the new PSR Select cordless screwdriver from Bosch is ready to use at any time thanks to its lithium-ion battery.



The do-it-yourselfer can end up having a confusing collection of different batteries and chargers. But now Bosch is putting an end to that. The new “Power4All” 18 V cordless system makes it possible to operate many different tools with one battery: cordless drill/driver, cordless impact drill‚ cordless jigsaw, cordless multi-sander.

The do-it-yourselfer therefore no longer needs any superfluous, incompatible batteries and chargers, and he or she also saves money by being able to purchase further tools without a battery and charger. Bosch has designed the range of DIY tools available in the 'Power4All' 18 V system to suit the activities most commonly performed by do-it-yourselfers.

There is a powerful tool for each of the following: screwdriving, drilling, sanding and sawing. The do-it-yourselfer can purchase a set to form the basic setup consisting of a tool, one or two 18 V batteries and a charger in a carrying case, and can then purchase each tool for the other work at a low price without a battery and charger.


High power for all

The new 18 V lithium-ion battery offers high power for all work with the cordless system. Lithium-ion batteries have hardly any self-discharge, so they are ready for use even if they have not been used for months. Moreover, the batteries do not have any memory effect, so they can be recharged at any time without the user having to accept a deterioration in battery performance.

LED indicators on the tools constantly show the charging state of the battery. The one-hour charger, which is supplied as standard, quickly charges the batteries.


Screwdriving, drilling, sawing, sanding and gardening with one battery

The “Power4All” range consists of the Bosch Drill/Driver PSR 18 LI-2, the Bosch Combi PSB 18 LI-2, the Bosch Jigsaw PST 18 LI and the Bosch Multi-Sander PSM 18 LI.



The Bosch Combi PSB 18 LI-2 is an all-rounder. Its 2-speed gearbox provides high power for screwdriving in first gear and high speed for drilling with or without impact in second gear. It offers optimum power for every application thanks to its 30 torque settings. The maximum drilling diameters are 35 millimeters in wood, and 12 millimeters in concrete.




The Bosch Jigsaw PST 18 LI is a mobile powerful tool. The lock-off switch makes it easy and safe for the user to take the saw to wherever it is needed. This tool is compact, lightweight and ergonomic to handle. It always provides a perfect view of the cutting line thanks to its “PowerLight” and its dust blowing function.







Moreover, the “Bosch CutControl”, a transparent, fold-out sole plate extension, which assumes the function of a cutting line laser beam, makes it easy for the do-it-yourselfer to guide the saw along the cutting line he or she has previously marked on the workpiece. This increases precision when cutting. Fast work progress is ensured by the 4-stage pendulum action and by the possibility of charging the saw between individual operations with the battery fitted inside it.



The range includes the Bosch Multi-Sander PSM 18 LI for sanding wood, plastics or metal. This sander is shaped like an iron, and various sanding attachments can be fitted to it using an SDS system, which makes this a versatile tool. The sanding plate consists of two parts.

The delta-shaped front part can be rotated to make optimum use of the sanding paper. The sanding sheets are held in place by a micro Velcro-type coating which continues to provides a very firm hold even after intensive use. Efficient dust extraction is ensured by a micro-filter box, which collects about 70 percent of the dust produced during sanding.



One tool for all conventional applications

The Uneo Maxx weighs only 1.4 kilograms including changeable battery and combines three functions in one tool: hammering, drilling and screwdriving. Thanks to its pneumatic hammer mechanism, this multi-talented tool effortlessly drills holes up to ten millimeters in diameter into concrete – and it does so 50 percent faster than the best comparable competitor models. Simply throwing a switch transforms it from a rotary hammer into a drill or screwdriver.

This means that the user no longer has to switch from one tool to another when performing conventional applications – such as hanging light fixtures, fitting kitchen cabinets or assembling furniture. Instead, he or she only has to switch from drill bits to screwdriver bits. These bits are quickly and easily changed using the SDS-Quick system.

This cordless tool guarantees the user maximum freedom of movement. It is powered by a replaceable 18 volt lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries do not have any self-discharge, so they are always ready to use. They also have no memory effect, so they can be recharged at any time without the user having to accept a deterioration in battery performance. Per battery charge, about 20 holes with a diameter of ten millimeters can be drilled into concrete or 120 holes with the same diameter can be drilled into wood.

Up to 130 screws (5 x 60 mm) can be driven per battery charge. Two green LED arrows show the user whether forward or reverse rotation is selected. The charging state of the tool is also indicated by LEDs: green means the tool is sufficiently charged, and red means that it should be recharged soon. The Uneo Maxx is quickly ready for use again thanks to the one-hour charger, which is supplied as standard.

A logo on the packaging identifies the Uneo Maxx as a member of the “Power4All” cordless family. This means flexibility for the user: the 18 volt lithium-ion battery can currently be used in nine different garden and DIY tools from Bosch within this voltage class.