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Festool Vecturo OSC 18 Cordless oscillator

Designed for both practical home applications and heavy-duty use, the Festool OSC 18 cordless oscillator allows you to cut into most materials.






Exact cut-outs on the scribe mark with the leading OSC 18 cordless oscillator from Festool. Perfect accurate cutting, plunge cuts and shaping, the range of accessories allow you to cut into most materials when fitted with the StarlockMax tool-holder



The Vecturo OSC 18 cordless oscillator is recommended for all types of fitting and assembly work. In addition, the powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor and large oscillation angle of 2°/2° achieve optimum working progress as a result of Festool’s ingenious design, that incorporates vibration isolation that allows ergonomic handling. In the same tried-and-trusted way, Festool has also developed their new Vecturo intelligent system accessories that allow for a dust-free working environment, precisely guided plunge cuts and accurate cut-outs on the scribe mark.





Featuring the unique StarlockMax tool-holder, the OSC 18 cordless oscillator offers an intelligent quick-change system that ensures that tool changes can be done quickly and without the need for additional equipment. Now you can change saw blades in a few seconds using the patented Starlock tool-holder system. This system includes three classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax.







With the inclusion of the StarlockMax tool-holder, the Festool OSC 18 cordless oscillator is no longer considered a lightweight tool, but one that is designed for heavy-duty applications at maximum power and suitable for both everyday use and job-site applications.





Maximum power

With the motor and housing decoupled, the reduction in vibration and noise levels is reduced and thereby increasing user comfort while using the oscillator. With its powerful, brushless EC-TEC motor that has variable speed control, the user can perform a large oscillation angle of 2° to the left and 2° to the right, providing optimum working capacity for the user. Powered by an 18 Volt Li-Ion battery pack, this cordless oscillator is both durable under extremes and powerful for most applications. Cordless design gives the user freedom of movement - whether at home or on the job site - yet still being able to handle heavy-duty applications.




Intelligent system accessories

The versatile system accessories for the new cordless oscillator mean that this newcomer is the perfect all-rounder and enables the user to work in a way that is healthy, comfortable and, at the same time, precise.

When combined with a dust extraction device, the tool can instantly start dust-free cutting or sawing and provide a clear view of the work piece. The use of the integral positioning aid provides for precisely guided plunge cuts by allowing precise positioning on the marking and simple orientation on the guide rail.







The Festool OSC 18 Vecturo is ideally suited to heavy-duty applications, thanks in the main to the anti-vibration system.


The integral positioning aid features a depth-stop that allows precise setting of the plunge depth and works in conjunction with the extractor to ensure dust-free operation. This depth-stop guarantees an accurate and precise depth with blade protection. Fitting these accessories is simply and easily achieved without the need of additional tools or accessories.





Available at specialist retailers around the country, the Festool Vecturo OSC 18 cordless oscillator is part of the Festool range of tools. For more information visit




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