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Bosch EasyDrill 12

Comfortable, lightweight and easy to operate, the new Bosch EasyDrill 12 is the perfect drill / driver for DIY enthusiasts.


Designed for DIY enthusiasts, the Bosch EasyDrill 12 weighs in at only 900 grams, making it lightweight and comfortable to use, even for long periods of time. This drill/driver is easy to operate and features a quick-release chuck for easy changing of accessories.

The Bosch EasyDrill 12 drill/driver offers DIY enthusiasts a simple yet powerful solution for screwing and drilling applications - no more special default settings required for torque or speed, simply remove from the case and it's ready to go to work, and thanks to variable speed control, the EasyDrill 12 delivers optimum power for all your projects.





The Bosch EasyDrill 12 drill/driver combines manageability and power. DIY enthusiasts who frequently alternate between different tasks can easily change and insert drills and screwdriver bits thanks to the quick-release chuck.

The Bosch EasyDrill 12 features a 3-stage LED display that keeps the user informed of the current battery charging level at all times. The tool also indicates current rotation (forwards-backwards) via LED display.