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Bosch Evolution Revolution!

Since the launch of DIY-Divas in 2005, and our collaboration with Bosch Power Tools, we have seen the evolution of Bosch in favour of the (female) home DIY enthusiast.


With the introduction of the Bosch PSR way back when, home DIY was revolutionised as never before. Now it was possible for women to have access to a power tool that was lightweight, easy to use and cordless - a tool that replaced the cumbersome corded drill with its keyed chuck and deafening noise.

The only downside for this tool was the fact that is used a NiCad (nickel cadmium) battery, which had to be conditioned properly to maintain the charging life. Even though these tools are no longer available, we still have quite a few working models that we use in our workshops - testament to the lifespan of the Bosch motor.

The dawn of the lithium-ion battery brought about quite a few revolutionary changes, one of which was the redesign of the Bosch drill / driver to incorporate lithium-ion technology. With no memory affect, the addition of a lithium-ion battery to the drill / driver meant that batteries would last far longer and tools would be ready for use when needed.





The PSR 14,4V and 18V range of drill / drivers carried on the lightweight, cordless style, but with far more power at your fingertips. While the shape remained almost the same, the battery was far lighter - making the tool even more comfortable to use.

Skip forward a couple of years and we see a completely new design emerge for the PSR 14,4V and 18V, one that is even more ergonomic in shape and far easier to use, even for the novice DIY enthusiast. A power / mode slider replaces the twist-knob and the shape becomes more compact, making the tool even lighter than its predecessors.

Bosch have gone on to perfect the design of the drill / driver, taking women DIY enthusiasts to heart. We want to be able to use a drill / driver that does it all - use as a screwdriver, use as a drill, and be able to drill into walls. With the introduction of the PSB 1800 and PSB 10,8 we can do it all... easily!

When we demo the PSB 10,8 Combi Drill at the DIY Divas workshops, attendees find it hard to believe that such a small tool could drill into concrete - but it does and it does so with ease. Now you can stand on a stepladder and drill holes for curtain rails, or hang a picture, or mount a wall cabinet, without the stress and strain that previously accompanied this task.

You can still buy the PSR 18 and PSR 1800, but rather consider investing in a PSB 10,8 (retails at around R1500) or PSB 1800 Combi Drill (retails at around R2750) that does it all in one. Compare prices at your nearest Builders Warehouse or tool stockist and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you won't spend more.