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MICROJIG - A Range Of Tools That Focus On Your Safety

MICROJIG is an ultra-safe and innovative woodworking jig and a tool that considers your safety in the workshop of the utmost importance.




MICROJIG is the leading brand of technically advanced woodworking safety Jigs - A revolutionary tool that could save a serious injury. It's also the leading ultra-safe and innovative woodworking jig available today.







To view MICROJIG videos, product features, range, uses, how they work and what they all do, go to


Every nine minutes, someone is injured by a table saw caused by a finger too close to the blade or having a faulty push stick. MICROJIG recently launched a complete solution of tools, jigs and equipment aimed at halting all table saw injuries; from kickback to finger amputation. They have since become an international leader in table saw accessories and recently unveiled the GRR-RIPPER followed by all their new products that complete essential collection.








The MICROJIG GRR-RIPPER kit includes all the necessary accessories any woodworker needs to assemble projects with accurate precision and control - with the focus on safety.


MICROJIG now has a new comprehensive range of technically advanced accessories and products, a range covering all the tools, equipment and jigs required by the woodworking/sawing industry.

“This MICROJIG brand and products are key to all woodworkers, the industry, trade and DIYers, they not just NICE TO HAVE but more the MUST-HAVES, “ said Greg De Villiers, tool and woodworking Guru at Vermont Sales. “The MICROJIG is manufactured and put to extreme tests by an expert who knows his stuff. The founders of MICROJIG, Henry and son Bruce Wang, are the recipients of many international awards, and woodworkers everywhere are using the products, products that have instantly become essentials part of their woodworking tool collection. Several of MICROJIG’s products are now #1 best sellers in the USA, Europe and on Amazon,” said De Villiers.

MICROJIG aims to make it safer and more intuitive for people to be more creative with their passions and build their dreams. The company is on a mission to end all table saw injuries by the end of 2020.







With MICROJIG you can easily achieve safer and more precise cuts than ever before with efficiency and utmost safety.



The MICROJIG product range starts with all the popular key models and accessories:

    1. GGR-RIPPER 3 D Push Block

    2. The GRR-RIPPER Advanced Model

    3. Perfect-fitting dados

    4. Smart Tapers

    5. Make your cut with the MICRODIAL

    6. SteelPro splitters

    7. Foolproof installation into your Zero Clearance insert (ZCI)

    8. MJ Splitter SteelPro

    9. Hassle-free mitre bars

    10. Zero play

    11. Zero Play Mitre Stop

    12. Build custom hold-downs for T-TRACK mitre slots.

To view all the videos, product features, range, uses and what they all do go to


MICROJIG is the first tool of its kindthat grips and firmly holds both sides of your work piece for safe handling.



MicroJig is a leading brand from Vermont Sales and is available at all specialist outlets countrywide. For more information talk to your retail outlet or contact Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or




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