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Festool Introduces the First Table Saw with SawStop Technology

With the purchase of USA-based SawStop, Festool is now able to combine German innovation with SawStop technology to bring you the Festool Table Saw.




In 2017, German Group, TTS acquired SawStop to add to its already impressive Festool range. Known for its innovative brake system, SawStop is the world's first table saw that prevents injury to the user by employing the brake system. The acquisition for Festool has brought about the introduction of what is considered the safest table saw in the world.


The Festool TKS-80-EBS table saw feature the SawStop technology to bring you the safest German quality saw in the world.








Festool are well on their way to being global leaders in the field of power tools and the inclusion of the world’s safest technically advanced table saw means that Festool now offers the widest, most innovative range of power tools and saws that cater for every conceivable field of industry.

It is no surprise that every year an estimated 4,000 people are injured when using circular and table saws, that boils down to 16 serious injuries per working day. With the introduction of the Festool TKS 80 table saw with SawStop technology, the risk of harm during sawing is reduced drastically for those individuals or organisations investing in what is being dubbed 'the safest table saw on the planet.'



Combining German engineering with SawStop technology allows for increased safety while cutting.



If the saw blade comes into contact with the user's skin, it stops immediately and disappears into the work surface – the risk of serious cutting injuries is no longer an issue with this new saw. The responsive sensor stops the blade within 5 milliseconds. The safety feature on SawStop consists of the intelligent cartridge which releases a pre-tensioned spring that instantly forces an aluminium block into the saw blade. This safety feature causes no harm to the table saw and the intelligent cartridge is replaced in just a few steps.









Incorporating SawStop technology, Festool is proud to bring safer woodworking tools for all.


The Festool TKS-80-EBS table saw offers the best safety in the world, but it also offers splinter-free cuts. With this table saw you can undertake precise cutting with far fewer splinters on the upper surface of the material. It is also very flexible to use with a maximum cutting height up to 80mm. An extendable work surface - in length and width - offers improved flexibility thanks to the angle stop.


While you concentrate on your work, Festool protects your most valuable tools – your fingers. Watch the short video below on SawStop innovative safety feature.



Visit the Vermont Sales website for more information on the Festool range. Click on Festool and you can view a detailed video that offers details on the Festo table saw, as well as other tools. For sales or technical information contact Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711.



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