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Kreg launch pockethole plug cutter

Kreg pockethole enthusiasts would be pleased to note that the Kreg plug cutter is now available in South Africa.

Now you can add to your Kreg Pockethole Kit with the Kreg Plug Cutter to hide pocketholes with perfectly matched plugs that you create from your desired wood. You can buy the Kreg Plug Cutter here. The Kreg Plug Cutter fits into any Kreg Jig (K3, K4, or K5).

The Kreg Plug Cutter allows you to create face grain plugs that blend in amazingly well, whether the plugs are in line with the grain, or run across the grain. These face grain plugs are easier to hide than conventional plugs that have visible end-grain.

Additionally, the pockethole plug cutter accepts accessory bits (sold separately) that can cut plugs that fit Kreg Micro-Pocket pocketholes.





The Kreg Plug Cutter simply slips into a Kreg Jig in place of the normal drill guide block, and works with a Kreg Jig K5, K4, or the older K3 model. That allows you to clamp your plug material in place and drill in the same way that is used for creating pocket holes. To create the plugs, just chuck the plug cutting bit into any drill.