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Turn a belt sander into a stationery sander

Anyone who owns a belt sander will be surprised to know how easy it is to use a belt sander as a stationery sander - simply by using an parallel and angle guide attachment.


A belt sander is the perfect sander for removing large surface areas and fast sanding. But you can use a belt sander for more than that. Simply by buying a Parallel and Angle Guide attachment for the Bosch PBS 75 A you can turn a belt sander into a handy stationery sander.

To convert a Bosch PBS 74 A into a stationery sander all you need is a couple of 'G' clamps to secure the sander to a stable worktop or work bench.





With the belt sander firmly secured, use to sand projects that would have otherwise been difficulty or tricky to sand. Now you can use a belt sander for more than just the occasional project, making it a handy tool to own.