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Bosch PLS 300 Cutting Station

If you use a jigsaw you know how difficult it can be to cut angles and bevels accurately. With the Bosch PLS 300 you can now cut angles and bevels accurately and easily.


I have been itching to get myself a Bosch PLS 300 Cutting Station for ages and finally gave in to the impulse. The reason I invested in this particular tool is that it allows you to do so much more with a jigsaw. Cutting pine and moulding for picture frames is so much easier when you use the cutting station.





How does the Bosch PLS 300 make cutting easier?
The cutting station can easily be adjusted for cutting angles up to 45-degrees, simply by rotating the centre shaft that support the jigsaw. That means cutting corners for picture frames can be done without too much fuss or effort.

Is it worth the cost?
At a retail cost of around R960, do I think this accessory is worth it? If you consider how much you would pay for a compound mitre saw (in excess of around R3000), then it's definitely a worthwhile investment, as it does almost the same thing.

Not only does it cut up to 45-degree angles, the Bosch PLS 300 also cuts bevels. Bevels are cuts needed to join corners together on the vertical. eg. When cutting corners in skirtings or cornice, or making a timber or board box with bevelled corners.

You can expect to see this accessory in action at our Joburg DIY Divas workshops, and will be able to try it out for yourself to see how easy it is to use. The cutting station comes in extremely handy when you are working in a specific location, such as when cutting for laminate floors or adding new skirtings. It's lightweight and easy to move from place to place and can also be used as a workbench when working on the floor.