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Spoil yourself this year

At our year end DIY Divas Workshops it always seems to pop up that it's time to treat yourself to quality power tools that make DIY easier, or ask family and friends to buy you something you really need for a change!


In this article we look at one of the latest tools to hit the market, and see what's on special offer over the festive season. That way, you can save money or perhaps splurge on more than one power tool to add to your tool collection!

Power tool manufacturers are constantly looking to improve tools for the DIY consumer, to make life easier and also to incorporate new advancements in technology. If you are in the market for new power tools or looking to add tools to your collection, the Bosch PSB 10,8 Li-2 is one tool you will definitely want to include in your tool box.





While cordless drill / drivers have revolutionised the DIY market, these tools are being replaced by the impact driver. Power tools are constantly evolving, as leading manufacturers continue to look for ways to increase power while reducing size. You only have to look at personal computers to see the comparison in size to power ratio, and today we use PDA’s and tablets that are smaller than ever thought possible.

The new generation of Bosch Combi Drill / Drivers are an excellent example of how powerful tools can be compact in size. Not your average drill / drivers, now you can afford to invest in a power tool that brings together 3 functions: screwdriver, drill and impact drill, all incorporating the latest lithium-ion battery technology to deliver far more power despite their compact size.

Depending on the brand, these impact drill / drivers come in at a price level comparable to a conventional 18 volt drill / driver but offer the added benefit of being able to drill into concrete with the integral ‘hammer’ function – just the thing for all the DIY Divas out there who love to get involved in home maintenance and repair projects.

Here in South Africa, DIY enthusiasts have a variety of brands and models to choose from, ranging from entry level and affordable to top of the range, and each offering a variety of options and accessories that are included with the basic tool.


An impact drill / driver uses a combination of rotation and percussion blows on ‘hammer’ function to drill into hardwoods and concrete. The top models offer up to three times more turning power (torque) than the conventional drill / driver.