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Upholstery projects made easy!

The new Bosch PKP 3,6 LI Tacker is now available and makes upholstery projects a breeze. The previous model was slightly hard on the controls, but the new Li-Ion Bosch Tacker is smooth, easy and simple to use. Plus, it's even more lightweight and charges quickly.


If you have attended one of our DIY Divas Upholstery Workshops, you know that a conventional staple gun is not easy to use. They require a fair amount of hand-pressure to drive a staple into your project. The new Bosch PKP 3,6 LI Tackers replace conventional staple guns, are comfortable to hold and require almost no effort to staple projects.

The Bosch PKP 3,6 LI Tacker is lightweight and compact and easy to operate via trigger switch. Simple place on your project, press the trigger and there you go!






  • Softgrip for safe and comfortable handling
  • With charge level indicator: informs you about the current battery status
  • Easy-to-load staple magazine with reload indicator
  • Versatile when fixing thin materials on softwood

NOTE: Since posting this article I have had more time to put the Bosch Tacker to use. I would like to mention that the Tacker only uses lightweight staples and is not suitable for heavy upholstery projects, or for stapling into supawood.