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Drill stops control drilling depth

When you are drilling repeat holes in timber, board or walls, drill stops can be fitted to your drill bit for accurate drilling every time.


Previously only available in the drill sets, Tork Craft offer a 7piece drill stop set in 5 to 12 mm sizes.  All drill stops have the securing grub screw and Allen key for secure mounting and to ensure no slipping.

When drilling into any material where you don’t want to go too deep, or when you are drilling multiple holes of the same depth, drill stops are extremely handy and will give you accurate hole depths each and every time.

When using dowels, fasteners, wall plugs etc., the danger of drilling too deep is a particular problem. Drilling too shallow can also be a problem, with the screw not going in, heads possibly breaking off under pressure of the drilling, splitting of the wood etc. At the end of the day drill stops are an essential additional to your toolbox or workshop.






Determine the drilling depth for your particular project. Use this measurement to secure the drill stop onto the drill bit. Lock tightly in place and drill accurate repeats holes with ease. The drill stop prevents the bit from drilling too deep.

Tork Craft Products are available at your local Builders Warehouse or hardware store, or to find your nearest supplier get in touch with