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Best drill bits to buy for DIY

I am often asked for my advice on the best drill bits to buy, and actually discuss this as part of our DIY Divas workshops. For me, it makes sense to buy a quality brand that not only makes any job easier but also lasts longer - and that brand is Alpen. You can buy Alpen drill bits at your local Builders Warehouse.


As a believer in the saying, "you get what you pay for", Alpen might be more expensive than inferior brands that you can buy off-the-shelf, and for good reason.

Use any standard masonry bit and you can stand for ages trying to drill a hole into concrete, but with an Alpen masonry bit it's like using a hot knife to cut butter.

I prefer not to get hot and sweaty when I work. I don't want to have aching arms while I drill a hole into the wall, and I don't want to have to spend a fortune replacing blunt drill bits. That's why we use Alpen drill bits when drilling into any material.





Tips for drilling into walls

If you need to drill into walls, perhaps to mount a curtain rod or mount heavy artwork, make it easy on yourself by doing it the right way the first time...

When drilling into walls you need to use the proper power tools. My Bosch Compact Impact Drill is ideal. It's smaller than the standard impact drill, which means it's easier and lighter to hold.

Be sure to set the drill on 'Hammer' function when drilling into concrete or hard brick.

When you need to drill holes in a wall, using Alpen drill bits makes it a quick and easy project. Simply mark the spot where you want to drill.

Alpen drill bits are so finely machined that you don't have to go in and out of the hole as you drill to remove debris. The flutes on the bit (the spiral part) removes debris as you work. This ensures that the drill bit tip is always in direct contact with the surface.

The depth of the drilled hole should be slightly longer than that of a nylon wall plug, as should the screw you use. If you use Fischer wall plugs, which you should, you will see on the side of each plug it tells you the size of drill bit to use and the diameter of the screw... easy!

If you are shopping for new power tools, or looking to upgrade your old tools, don't forget to check out the new Bosch PSB Combi Drill/Driver. Small enough to use as a standard Drill/Driver, yet powerful enough to use as an Impact Drill.