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Introducing MicroJig Gripper

If you use a table saw or router table, you'll know how tricky it can be to push board across the table. The MicroJig Gripper is a universal pushing jig that will revolutionise how you use a table saw or router table.


Just added to the Tools4Wood range, the MicroJig Gripper is the first tool that grips and holds both side of your work piece during the ripping process. Unlike using a push stick or block, the MicroJig Gripper maintains balanced pressure on the piece as it passes through and beyond the blade - holding a parallel, forward direction with the blade while retaining pressure against the rip fence.

The MicroJig Gripper eliminates the need to manually feed stock and provides protection against harm. You can easily cut strips as thin as 6mm with ease and allows you to make use of all those small. scrap pieces that normally get tossed out.