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Tork Craft's Dimpler drills and countersinks all in one!

Tork Craft's Dimpler automatically drills and countersinks screws fast and accurately into all types of wood materials. The Dimpler prevents the screw head from penetrating board and timber too deep.


The Dimpler features a new powerful magnet that prevents the screw head from penetrating too far and possibly splitting the wood. This prevents over-driving the screw, as a pre-set clutch releases as soon as the screw reaches its precise countersink depth - even if the drill is still turning.

The Dimpler also has a reverse feature. Simply set the drill on REVERSE, grip the Dimpler head firmly, push the tip in about 5 mm and rotate clockwise until you feel it click / lock. The driving bit will now be exposed to engage countersunk screws.





To reset the Dimpler to drive mode, push and rotate counter-clockwise until the head pops back out. Use pliers to remove and change the bits.

The Tork Craft Dimpler is available at all leading outlets countrywide, or contact to locate your nearest retail outlet.