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Bosch Primo Multi-Sander for DIY enthusiasts

Slowly adding to your tool collection? The Bosch Primo multi-sander is compact and lightweight and is ideal for sanding corners, edges and getting into awkward spaces.


If you are a beginner DIY-er and looking for the best tools to add to your collection, the Bosch Primo Multi-Sander is a great buy. It might not be as powerful as the Bosch PEX sanders, but this compact, lightweight sander is the best for getting into corners, sanding edges and for using in awkward spaces. You can also use the Bosch Primo sander for sanding down your furniture and accessories before painting. Anyone who loves using chalk paint will appreciate the value-for-money this sander offers.






Buy the Bosch Primo Sander TODAY ONLY for R599.00.

The Bosch Primo multi-sander has a micro Velcro-type fastening system for quick and easy changing of sanding pads and the integral microfilter system keeps dust to a minimum. The sander offers a good ratio of power to weight coupled with a modern design and a slim, compact shape. Click here for detailed specifications on the Bosch Primo.

Buy the Bosch Primo Sander TODAY ONLY for R599.00.



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