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Care for your power tools

Power tools are essential for maintaining and improving your home, and it pays to invest in quality tools that will not only do the job, but will last as well.


Regular maintenance and cleaning of your tools will ensure that they are always in good condition and ready for use when you need them. While today's power tools don't require a lot of maintenance, you still need to keep them clean and store them properly:

• Before performing any maintenance or cleaning refer to the manufacturers guidelines in this regard.

• Always disconnect tools from the power source before performing cleaning.





• If you are cleaning a chainsaw, jigsaw, or any other such type of power tool that tends to collect sawdust, you can use the nozzle of a vacuum clean to blow out any sawdust and dirt accumulated within the grooves and crevices.

• Use a dry cloth to wipe down the power cord, and examine carefully for any nicks, cuts, fraying or damage. If you do find the cord to be damaged in any way, it should be replaced before using the power tool again.

• Check any exposed metal parts of the tool for rust. If there is any rust, remove it by rubbing briskly with the steel wool.

• If you use your power tools on a regular basis, chances are that sooner or later they are going to need some replacement parts. When purchasing power tools always check that the manufacturer carries sufficient stock of spares, and has service outlets, so that you can easily obtain any replacements parts when needed. And that includes spares for power tools that are discontinued.

• Always keep instruction manuals in a safe place where you can find them when needed. Many manuals contain detailed instructions on how to replace major components.

• Clean your tools before putting them away in a dry place out of the reach of children. Do not use water or any wet cleaning materials on your power tools. A small, stiff paintbrush and a clean cloth is enough to remove any built up dust.