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Bosch All-Purpose Saw

The right tool for the job! When trees need to be trimmed to prevent them from encroaching on a neighbour’s property, or because they become overgrown, the tool to have for this job is the Bosch All Purpose Saw.


Regardless of whether you want to cut slats to length, saw branches, plastic or metal pipes, or saw flush to a wall: the Bosch All Purpose Saw gets the job done quickly and easily.





Tips for Trimming a Tree

If you need to remove thick, heavy branches, *these should be cut flush to the collar at the base of the branch, and not flush with the trunk . The reason for this is that the collar is an area of tissue containing a chemically protective zone. When the collar is removed, the protective zone is removed, causing a serious trunk wound.

Wood-decay fungi can then easily infect the trunk. If the pruned branch is living, removing the collar at the base still causes injury.

When cutting branches more than 40 to 50mm in diameter, use a three-part cut. The first step is to saw an undercut from the bottom of the branch about 150 to 200mm out of the trunk and about one third of the way through the branch. Make a second cut from the top, about 80mm further from the undercut, until the branch falls away. The resulting stub can then be cut back to the collar of the branch. If there is danger of the branch damaging other limbs or objects on the ground, it should be properly roped and supported, then carefully lowered to the ground.

Safety Tips

• Wear protective gloves when cutting back branches, and protective goggles.

• Rope and support large branches.

• Work with the saw pointing away from your body.

• Position your ladder to be secure and offer a comfortable position.

• Never use a power tool in the garden if it is raining, or have a sprinkler on close to where you are working.