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6 Best Tips To Select MIG Welding Machine

In this article, we offer the 6 best tips to select MIG Welding Machine.




Learning to weld is a fascinating job to do. It looks so amazing molding, reshaping, and melting metal to form new designs, such a satisfying view. If you are someone new to explore the world of welding then you must carry out proper research to make the best selection of machines that suit the nature of work. There are numerous options available in the market from MIG welders to TIG, stick, and oxy-acetylene welders. Besides these, some high-end welders that run on fuel instead of electrical support are very easy to carry from one place to another.

It all comes down to which option is best for you. For that, you need to be very clear to understand the intensity and scope of your work and where and how you want to take it professionally. However, Mig welders have gained impressive popularity and are extremely user friendly to handle various welding tasks. The key points to consider before going for purchase are very important to reach your final decision.


1. Power requirement

The power required depends on the duty cycle you may want to cover. Thicker the metal longer it will take to be welded if so then you definitely need a high power heavy-duty welding machine to do the job. Otherwise, if the duty cycles are of low amperage and short then a regular power welder would be enough.


2. Keep voltage in mind

The welders are available with a different voltage of 110-120V and 220-230V. For any household welding or low heating job, a 110V machine is just fine. Whereas on the flip side if the task is of high amperage then it is ideal to get 220v outlet installed to make the machine work at its best.


3. Check if you need a spool gun

When do you need a spool gun? The purpose of a spool gun is to weld aluminum which is not required by any DIY welding tasks. Hence not all welding machines include this feature. Longevity 140 is a great option if you want a welder with a spool gun option.


4. Ease of carrying the machine

Portability is loved by all. If your welder is easy to carry and serves the purpose with easy mobility then what's better. But not all welders are easy to carry and in that case, you can use a trolley to move your machine. The welding machines have varying weights between 25- 200 pounds.


5. Brand consideration

A well-reputed brand must be your first option when buying any machine so that it is efficient with a longer warranty time period. The renowned companies are Hobart, Lincoln, Everlast, and Longevity that offer 5 years of warranty with insurance investment plans. In case of a low budget, make sure to check on market reviews and results of the welder.


6. Cost of machine

The price of a machine is extremely important because it completely depends on the nature of the work. Expensive welders might not be your need if you are just a regular welder. Check on your needs and budget and then go for a buy.




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