Selecting the perfect tiles for a bathroom

It’s hard to imagine a modern home that doesn’t include tiles in the bathroom. So how do you find the right ones for your home?



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Bathroom goes coastal

A dark, green bathroom gets a bright new look with a coastal-style makeover.



How to mount a bathroom mirror

In this article we look at how to drill holes in mirror or glass and then how to hang a mirror in your bathroom.



Bathroom Makeover for under R1000!

If your bathroom is staring to look a bit grungy, boring and bland, or perhaps you're renting a home where the bathroom needs some TLC, here are some easy and affordable ways to give a bathroom a makeover - for under R1000!


Seamless Bathroom Design

We all wish we could afford to buy our dream home immediately, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes you have to start off by buying a home that needs some TLC, and the bathroom is going to be top of the list for a renovation.


How to tile over tile

Being able to lay new tiles over existing tiles not only saves you money, but also a lot of mess and hassle. Not all tiles can be tiled over and we look at how to successfully tile over tile.



Decorating a guest toilet

A guest toilet may be small in size, but there's no reason why it can't be big on style.

Create the illusion of space in a small bathroom

If you are renovating a small bathroom you want to try and give the illusion of more space. There are several design tricks that you can use...

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Tips for hiring a plumber

Before undergoing any plumbing maintenance and repairs there are a few key pointers that you can use in order to ensure that you are safeguarded as a customer and that your dream kitchen and bathroom materialise.


DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Doing your own bathroom renovation can save you thousands and you can undertake the work as and when you have the time and budget.



Wall finishing trends

When planning a bathroom renovation or new installation, it's important to think carefully about the finish on the tiles you want to install. Gloss tiles can be extremely slippery.



Wall finishing trends

Why tile when you can inject colour, texture and personality into a home with skim-on, cement-based decorative plasters amd wall finishes.



Time to renovate your bathroom?

If your bathroom is starting to look at bit sad and soggy, and your shower curtain is more grunge than glam, perhaps it's time to consider a bathroom renovation.



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Can I paint my shower?

When it works out too expensive to rip out and replace tiles in a bathroom or kitchen, painting tiles is a solution. But does it last?



Budget bathroom makeover

Cosmetic bathroom makeovers are a great project you can do on a weekend and it won't cost a fortune to give your bathroom a fresh new look.



Update with vinyl flooring

Whether you opt for luxury vinyl flooring or inexpensive vinyl tiles, vinyl offers a durable flooring option that is easy to maintain, long lasting and an easy DIY option.



Cover up ugly tiles with Belgotex LVT flooring

I recently posted a feature on covering up ugly tiles with luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and decided to try this new product out in my bathroom.



To DIY tile or not

While getting down to business in your home might save you money, there’s a fine line between a quick fix DIY project and a full on renovation that requires a professional.



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Strip and seal natural stone floors

Tile and Floor Care (TFC) have an extensive range of products for natural stone and tiled floors. In this feature we strip and seal a slate tile floor.



Can I paint my bath, basin, toilet exterior, or tiles?

The answer is an emphatic yes you can! Don’t replace your worn out or discoloured sanitaryware items; give them a fresh new look by refinishing them with the proven TUBBY DIY Bath Refinishing and Bathtub Resurfacing Kit and save money doing so!


Waterproof a shower

Failed or poor waterproofing is often to blame for tiling failures, leaks and costly repairs. Bear in mind that tiling itself is not inherently waterproof, and therefore it is essential to have properly detailed and installed waterproofing behind tiled surfaces.


Install glass mosaics on shower floor

Mosaics installed in a shower are particularly popular. In this article TAL provides useful tips and guides on how to apply glass mosaics to a shower floor.



Easy way to cut curves in tiles

With all the new tools we have today, some methods have become outdated and time consuming. Cutting curves in tiles is one of those methods, and you can now cut smooth decorative curves and cut outs in ceramic and porcelain tiles with ease.


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Affordable makeover with vinyl tiles

You may not think that vinyl tiles are glam, but when properly laid they can give any bathroom a makeover on a tight budget. Plus, vinyl tiles are tough and durable, and perfect for a small bathroom.


Bathroom gets a cosmetic makeover

When I saw this bathroom makeover on Live Love DIY it immediately brought to mind that it can be affordable and easy to give any bathroom a cosmetic makeover using paint and accessories.


Luxury vinyl tile for today's floors

Luxury vinyl tiles are definitely an option to consider when looking for flooring alternatives. Vinyl planks simulate the look of real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns. Now, you can install vinyl floors over ceramic tiles.


Antibacterial grout

Starlike is the first epoxy grout to offer antibacterial properties for bathrooms and kitchens. Plus, all the colours of Starlike range are UV-resistant, making them suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.


Inexpensive way to upgrade bathroom tiles

If you are looking to give you bathroom an upgrade, but can't afford to rip out and replace tiles at this time, here's how to paint grout to give any bathroom a new look.



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Now you can tile over smooth surfaces

Homeowners tackling their own tiling projects can overcome the potential lifting of tiles linked to surfaces that are dense, impervious or smooth, by using the new TAL Keymix powder primer.



Easy step-by-step guide to reviving grout

Apart from discolouration, moisture and humidity in bathrooms and kitchens creates an environment conducive to mould and mildew. It is difficult to remove these stains, as they are rooted deep in the grout. Often the best solution is to re-grout and seal the area. TAL offers a useful step-by-step guide to removing and replacing grout in a shower.


Introduce Pantone's 2016 colours to a bathroom

Pairing Rose Quartz and Serenity with white will result in a fresh, modern look, whereas combining matt finishes with natural wood, stone, taupe or even green, will give a laid back, natural feel to your interior.


Lustrolite... Alternative to glass splashbacks

Lustrolite is a high-gloss product that can be used for splashbacks and wall decor for bathrooms and kitchens and offers a more affordable alternative to glass.



Trending... Tiles that look like concrete

Many homeowners would like to incorporate concrete finishes in a home - without the mess, hassle and cost normally associated with these finishes. A new trend is to use concrete-look tiles.


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Adding an extra bathroom in the attic space

Not all homes have space to add on an extra bathroom, but an attic conversion can provide plenty of space for a full-on bathroom suite.



Tips for painted ceilings that look good

Ceilings tend to receive the least amount of attention when it comes to decorating, but here are a few tips to let your ceilings be a feature rather than an eyesore!



An easy guide to choosing tiles

The evolution of design has increased the versatility of tiles. Though mainly used for kitchen and bathrooms, tiles are perfect for every room in a home.



Tips for drilling through tiles

Too many homeowners put off bathroom projects because it involves drilling through tiles, but if you have the right tools and accessories drilling through tiles is a quick and easy project.



Bathroom remodel: DIY or hire a Pro?

Whether it’s installing a spa bath, adding a steam shower, or simply increasing the size by changing the layout of an existing bathroom, while the DIY route will save you money, some projects are best left to the professionals.



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Install his and hers vanity basins

I am slowly going from room to room doing small improvement projects and this week was modernising the main bathroom. At the moment it has a dusky blue bathtub, toilet and pedestal sink and it's time for the pedestal sink to make way for my new bathroom vanity.



Bathroom goes from drab to absolutely fab!

This amazing bathroom renovation takes a drab bathroom stuck in the eighties and transforms it into a fabulous space kitted out with all the mod cons and a dash of rustic style. When you see the 'before' and 'after' you will definitely want to rip out your bathroom! 



Makeover ideas for bathroom in rental home

Even though you are renting your place, there are more than a few cosmetic changes that can be done to improve living conditions. We have also included plenty of bathroom before and after pictures to provide you with ideas and inspiration.



Keep your bathroom warm and cosy

The bathroom can become a chilly place in the morning and evenings during winter. If you want to add some heat to your bathroom there are a couple of options you may want to consider. 



Restore a claw foot bathtub

If you love the romantic style of a claw foot bathtub and are lucky enough to find one at a salvage yard you will need to restore or paint the bathtub before installation. In this article we provide some tips on painting a rusty claw foot bathtub.



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Choosing the right tile adhesive and additive

When taking on a tiling project you want to ensure a successful result, so it's important to know what products are available and how to use these in your next  tiling project.



Smart investments for kitchens and bathrooms

In a newly built home the homeowners will design a kitchen that meets their immediate needs, but in an older home it's nice to know that improvements can be done to keep up with modern trends.



Wall and floor tiles with wood-like finish

I will soon be featuring a project where I removed the carpets in my bedroom and dressing room and replaced them with tiles imprinted with a wood grain finish. The original carpet was old and grubby and the new tiles make a huge difference to the bedroom.



Add decorative cornice to bathroom

I have a double-storey house that has a concrete slab that forms the ceiling in all the downstairs rooms, including the bathroom. In the bathroom they never bothered to fit a cornice around the top of the wall and it always looked unfinished.



Bathrooms go from dated to dreamy

Most of the bathroom renovations you see below involve nothing more than a coat or two of paint. These bathroom revamps show what can be done on a moderate budget if you shop wisely.



Guest bathroom with coastal charm

An ugly guest loo is transformed into a coastal guest toilet with some MDF, a couple of coats of paint and a few accessories. Give yourself a weekend to take this project from start to finish and you will be rewarding with a guest toilet or separate loo that you and your guests will enjoy.


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Up your showering experience

It's a fact that showering uses substantially less water than bathing - but not every home is fitted with a shower cubicle. You could easily convert a standard bathtub to a shower simply by adding a shower curtain and fitting a shower extension onto your existing taps.



Adding painted stripes to a bathroom

Here on Home-Dzine we have previously looked at adding stripes to a bathroom, not only to dress up a boring or plain bathroom, but also to visually increase the size. Painted horizontal stripes fool the eye into thinking that a small bathroom is larger than it is.



Can I paint the tiles in my shower?

I often get asked the question "Can I paint the tiles in my shower?" and the answer is no, at least not at this stage. While Plascon Tile Primer and Plascon Velvaglo can be used to paint tiles on walls in a bathroom, it isn't recommended for painting tiles in a shower.



DIY weekend bathroom project

As living spaces generally becoming more compact, there is a need to get more organised. This weekend, create a bathroom that offers you a haven of relaxation. Get organised and rid the bathroom of clutter to truly transform it into a tranquil space where you can daydream.



Add stripes to finish off a bathroom

In many bathrooms, tiles are only installed in a single layer around the top of the bathtub, and as a splashback for the hand basin. While this idea is perfect for protecting walls from moisture, it leaves a bathroom looking unfinished.



Install a new shower head

Replacing your old shower head with a modern shower head doesn't take more than 30 minutes tops. With a few basic hand tools you can enjoy an entirely new showering experience, and probably save water while you do! 



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Give your bathroom a 2-day makeover

If you have reached the stage where you want to rip out the whole bathroom and start all over again but your budget doesn't allow for this, there are a few easy and affordable ways to give your bathroom a new look.



Modernise a dated bathroom

With just a bit of creativity and imagination, any bathroom can be given an update to bring it into the 21st century. This long, narrow bathroom was old fashioned but the homeowners didn't know what to do to update and refresh the room.



Burlap wall panels for a bathroom

Burlap is an inexpensive fabric and, if used in the right way, can add an earthy texture to a bathroom. It's also very economical when compared to a custom wall treatment, wallpaper or tiles.



Make your own bathroom furniture

After 20 years of living in the same house I'm tired and want something new. Here's what I would like to do to makeover the bathroom, and most of these ideas are definitely do-able DIY projects.



Dated bathroom becomes a modern wet room

This bathroom remodel shows that you can renovate or remodel and existing bathroom into a beautiful bathroom that meets your personal needs. In this home the original bathroom was kitted out with wood panelling, dated fixtures and patterned wallpaper...



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Cosmetic changes make a big difference

Here's how to give a bathroom a makeover that won't break the bank and you can do with basic DIY skills. Tackle this bathroom makeover project in a weekend with a few cosmetic changes here and there.



Bathroom goes from dated to glam

Savvy house hunters know that buying the right home often means looking past the seller’s decor choices and seeing potential. These home buyers fell in love with the house they bought, despite the master bath requiring a serious update.



Add a shower spray to your toilet

You may be thinking that this would be an odd thing to do... unless you have a new baby in the family. If you use cotton nappies instead of disposable diapers, adding a shower to the toilet is a great idea...!



Remove and replace grubby grout

If you have tiled floors or walls, particularly lighter coloured tiles, you will probably notice that the grout is looking grubby. While using a grout pen is a quick fix, there are other options for restoring tile grout for fresh looking tiles and rooms.



Refresh bathroom in rented flat or apartment

 On a small budget, and with a bit of effort, you can transform an ugly bathroom into a relaxing haven, and here's how...



Weekend bathroom makeover

If you need to give a dull, boring guest bathroom a makeover, here's how to do it yourself in a weekend - and on a tight budget. This small bathroom was given a weekend makeover for under R1000, and the end result was well worth it...!



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Convert to a bath-shower combination

You only have to page through magazines, and even Home-Dzine, to see gorgeous bathrooms that are bigger than most homes. Let's be honest, who really has a bathroom that size?



Do I have to tile bathroom walls?

These days it isn't essential that you tile bathroom walls from floor to ceiling. I recently featured on article on natural wall finishes, which is one alternative to tiled walls, but simply painting walls and adding a bit of trim or moulding is another alternative, and an affordable one at that.



Hide or disguise a pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks were extremely popular during the seventies and eighties, and are still installed in many off-plan homes and townhouse developments. If you want to hide or disguise your pedestal sink, read on...



DIY or call in the pros...?

While you can save a lot of money by doing some projects yourself, if you get in over your head, you may end up spending more time and money than you thought to hire someone else to straighten things out.



Consider concrete finishes for a bathroom

You automatically think of concrete as grey and boring, but a concrete bathroom vanity - or kitchen countertop - can be manufactured in a wide range of colours, finishes and designs.



Planning a new bathroom

Before you start arranging for the professionals to come in with quotations, there is one very important item that needs to be done... A bathroom plan. A carefully thought out plan will save you time and stress in the short term, and money in the long term.



Solution for planning a small bathroom reno

In a small bathroom there are various materials that can be used to create the illusion of space. Incorporate these when planning a new bathroom, or doing a renovation.



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10 affordable ways to refresh a bathroom

If your bathroom is looking weary, give it a fresh outlook with simple updates that won't break the bank. Even if you don't have the budget to address all 10 of these tips, don't despair. Tackling even one or two can quickly make a difference.



Dramatic makeover for under R2000!

Spend under R2000 for a complete bathroom makeover and transform a dated bathroom into a trendy space with some DIY savvy and a few basic tools and materials



How to paint vinyl floor

Here's a way to cover up an ugly vinyl floor with paint. It won't cost you a fortune and you can easily start and complete this project in a weekend to refresh a bathroom - or any other room for that matter.



How to install undermount basin or sink

Not everyone prefers to fit an abovemounted basin, or have a basin that sits on top of a vanity, there are those that prefer to have an undermount sink or basin fitted. Here's how to install an undermount basin or sink.



Add a mosaic tiled vanity top

Mosaic tile is a fairly simple and reasonably affordable way to add detail to a plain bathroom vanity, or update an old vanity.



Give a bathroom an easy makeover

A few basic DIY skills are all you need to fix up a boring bathroom. Try these simple do-it-yourself updates and turn a boring bathroom into a relaxing retreat.



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How to remove and replace a toilet

Having recently revamped my bathroom for Easy DIY magazine, I decided to share with you how easy it was to remove and replace a toilet.



How to screed a bathroom floor

More and more homeowners are realising the benefits of having a cement screed floor. Not only is this type of flooring inexpensive, it's also extremely easy to maintain and considered a green alternative to other flooring options.



How to paint bathtub, basin or sink

Moving into an older home or apartment can sometimes mean that you end up with a stained bathtub, sink or basin. Where replacing a bathtub or sink is not an option, there is a way to refresh a stained bathtub, wash basin or sink.



Cover up old and ugly tiles

Where tiles are still in good condition, and you don't want to paint over tiles, there is the option to tile over existing tiles with the proper preparation before you start.



Remove/replace bathroom basin

You don't have to live with ugly fittings when they are so easy to replace. Simply pull out and remove the old hand basin to install a new, modern hand basin to update a bathroom.



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How to tile over existing tile

You can tile over existing tiles, as long as the existing floor tiles are in good condition, and the surface is level, you can install new tile over an existing tiled floor. However, it is not recommended that you tile over high-gloss ceramic or other tiles.



Crinkle effect for boring tiles

Give outdated ceramic tile a new look by painting them in colours you love. Use non-drip enamel paint, as this works well on most matt tiles, but to be certain it will work on yours, brush a small amount on a spare tile or in a discreet spot and allow it to dry before completing this painting project.


Add mosaic pebbles to a bathroom wall

This is one project that I am definitely going to try in my own bathroom and will be showing you the results once the task gets underway.



Ways to update a bathroom

Big or small, old and dated, or just downright ugly - there are ways to transform any bathroom into a new and inviting space in a home.



Brighten up with glass bricks

I have always considered glass blocks to be perfect for bathrooms - they let in plenty of natural light without any loss of privacy, and now that they are available in soft and bright colours, you can use glass blocks in even more creative ways.



Refinish a stained or enamelled bathtub

If your bathtub, sink or tiles are starting to look a little old and dated, then refinishing it may help to increase the value of your home by improving the look of the bathroom.



Add a touch of luxury to a bathroom

More than a luxury item, heated towel rails keep your bathroom at a consistent temperature, which means you'll never have to worry about a chilly bathroom ever again!



Install a new shower head

Start creating your new personal shower space by choosing the showerhead that meets your needs and desires. There are two main categories of showerheads to choose from: fixed or handheld. But within these categories is a wealth of options - from rainshowers to multi-setting versions.


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Need an extra bathroom?

Is there a constant queue outside your bathroom door, or you've hosted a party and wondered why all the male guests were wandering out to the garden.  You need to seriously consider adding another bathroom.



Preparation to install a new bathroom

The installation of a new bathroom is a relatively straightforward task. However, most homeowners view the project as a whole rather than breaking it down into manageable, individual projects.



Installing a new bathroom

While to most homeowners the thought of doing a bathroom renovation may seem daunting, the best way to view this task is as individual, more manageable projects. Remove and replace a toilet, remove and replace a basin, remove and replace a bathtub, etc.



Tile a bathroom vanity top

Tile offers an easy way to add a decorative vanity to a bathroom. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to install and grout tile on a vanity.



Apply pebble/mosaic tile to shower

Tiling a shower floor with pebble tiles gives a rustic, customised look to any remodelled shower and is no more difficult to do than installing standard tile.



How to install undertile heating

Tired of having cold feet every morning? Install underfloor heating in your master bath for toasty toes and added value to your home.



Bathroom in need of a makeover?

Giving the bathroom a makeover doesn’t have to shrink your wallet. Try one or two of these easy ideas to upgrade the one of the hardest-working spaces in the house.



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Install a pivot shower door

If you want to give your half-bath a makeover consider adding a shower or privacy panel to the side of the bath (see bottom). Here's how to install a pivot shower door.



Apply mosaic to a bathroom vanity top

Granite sounds all well and good until you find out the price!  A couple of sheets of MDF, mosaic tiles and No More Nails and you've got something that looks good for a fraction of the price.



Cut shapes and curves in tile

Most bathrooms require at least one hole in tiles for a floor or shower waste outlet, or for a toilet and pedestal if you are tiling an existing bathroom layout. For efficient water run-off, position the circle at the intersection of two or four tiles rather than cutting into a single tile.


5 Tips on How To Renovate Your Bathroom

We look at some of the bathroom renovation tips that will come in handy for you.




Signs it’s Time for a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom renovation is one of the most common home improvement projects undertaken each year. The bathroom is, after all, one of the most visited rooms in the entire home.



Water-Efficient, Air-Induction Showerheads

The latest Kohler showerheads featuring Katalyst technology, will bring create a showering experience of sheer freedom and bliss.



Modern Ways to Improve your Bathroom

Although bathrooms are the smallest and the least visited rooms in the house, it is essential to make them look radiant and elegant as the same with the rest of the house.



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Is it time to get a safety bathtub?

These days, it’s quite likely that you have seen a commercial for safety bathtubs. You may even know someone who has one. But is it time for you to get one yourself?



Apply These 3 Secret Techniques to Improve your Bathroom

We are bringing you these DIY techniques to help you to improve your bathroom. Your kids may chip in but you may not necessarily need that extra pair of hands.



Spa Bathroom

How to Spa-Up your Crib's Bathroom with an Array of Shower Panels



A beach theme bathroom

A beach theme bathroom can look stunning if done correctly. AsktheDecorator host Meghan Carter shares tips for creating a relaxing, casual, beachy feel while preventing your beach bathroom or beach house theme bathroom from turning tacky.


Amazing bathroom makeovers

If you are planning to renovate or update your bathroom in the near future, here are some inspiring bathroom makeovers.


Budget bathroom makeovers

Bathroom or guest loo in desperate need of a makeover? Here are some inspiring bathrooms that show how affordable and easy it is to give a bathroom a new look without spending a fortune.

Design a built-in bathroom

Having your new home built or revamping a small bathroom? In most homes these day the bathroom offers so little space and no room for storage. It's a common problem in many bathrooms.

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Mosaic bathroom ideas

Mosaics can be divided into two main categories - figurative mosaic and more mathematical, pattern based mosaics.

Bathroom decor on a budget

Need more space to hang towels? Take down the typical towel bar and replace it with a one-of-a-kind piece you can make yourself or find at a salvage yard. This charming rack holds four times as many towels and cost hardly anything.

Indulgent bathroom ideas

Looking for something out of the ordinary for a bathroom renovation or new bathroom design? Surround yourself with luxury and take bathroom design one notch higher for an indulgent bathroom that meets all your requirements.

Lighting ideas and tips for a bathroom

When planning a bathroom renovation or makeover, it is especially important to ensure that you have good lighting, not only from a design point of view but also to illuminate grooming tasks.

Designer bathrooms ideas

You either like them or hate them, but there's no denying the fact that the latest designer style bathrooms from EuroLegno most surely make a statement.

Easy and affordable bathroom ideas

If your bathroom is looking drab and dreary, now is the perfect time to give it an easy and affordable makeover - without having to spend on new sanware.

Eco sustainability is more than a trend

The green lifestyle is increasingly moving into all aspects of our life and in the bathroom, in particular, it has found a crucial point of crystallization – in the place where protected intimacy is united with cleanliness and relaxation.

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The genius of Philippe Starck

The icon of the design world, Philippe Starck has been producing and realising ideas as long as he can remember.

Use glass block to increase natural light

While not a new introduction to home building and renovation, glass bricks offer homeowners a chance to building in a completely new direction.

Go green in the bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to go green: it's a room where you typically find lots of toxic chemicals; and water and energy usage in the bathroom often far outstrip its modest size relative to the rest of the house.

Bathrooms to inspire

With more homeowners opting to stay in their existing homes, emphasis is being placed on renovations and improvements that not only increase the value of a property but also provide more luxury.

Latest trends for bathrooms

While tubs, basins, showers and taps are top of the line, cabinets and decor are becoming more relaxed to create a bathroom that is warm, welcoming and, most importantly, comfortable.

Add some green to your bathroom

While a touch of greenery in the bathroom adds a splash of colour, it also helps improve air quality too.

How to remove grout the easy way!

Renewing old grout has always involved long hours of chipping away at old, worn grout.

A bathroom that is safe and accessible

Not many people take into consideration how dangerous the bathroom can be. Slippery tiles, hard objects and hot water can make a bathroom one of the most dangerous rooms in the home.

Make small changes to a bathroom for a big improvement

A few small changes to a bathroom can have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere and feel of the room...

Living with a small bathroom

Not every home, townhouse, apartment or flat is graced with a luxuriously large bathroom, in fact, most homes have a fairly large master suite and a tiny, cramped second bathroom.

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