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Bathroom Makeover for under R1000!

If your bathroom is staring to look a bit grungy, boring and bland, or perhaps you're renting a home where the bathroom needs some TLC, here are some easy and affordable ways to give a bathroom a makeover - for under R1000!


There's no hiding from a grungy or boring bathroom - it's the first place you visit every morning, and the last room you see every night. But there are easy and affordable ways to transform your bathroom into an inviting space that perks you up.

When you buy a home or rent a home, sometimes the bathrooms leave a lot to be desired; stripped down to bare basics and utilitarian rooms without any personality. It's sometimes hard to visualise how the space can be transformed into a bathroom that's filled with style and personality - a space that refreshes you in the morning.

After moving in, you will obviously spend some time giving the bathroom a thorough clean - from top to bottom. But even after cleaning the room may still require a little extra to make it shine.


Wiping down the floor and wall tiles will give them a cursory clean, but the grout between tiles can still be grubby. There are a few options you can consider to refresh tile grout, and it all depends on the time and effort and budget you have to spare. Obviously if you're renting you'll want to spend as little time or money as possible. But at the end of the day, this is where you live, whether you've signed a 1-year lease or plan to stay longer, and you want the bathroom to look good.

Chemical cleaners

There are plenty of products that you can buy to clean and restore grout, many of which can be found at your local Builders. These cleaners are better than what you will find in your local supermarket, being specifically formulated to clean dirty grout. TFC Grout Renu costs around R90 and the thickeners in this product help it to cling to walls and floors to allow enough time for the detergents and acids to clean dirty grout.

Eco-Friendly cleaners

If you prefer a more eco way to clean grout, although it will probably take longer  and be more labour intensive, combine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda into a thick paste. Apply this onto grout lines and leave for about an hour. Use an old toothbrush or nail brush to scrub the grout until clean and then rinse. Bear in mind that you may need to repeat this process several times for ingrained dirt and grime.

Mechanical cleaners

Where the grout is starting to crumble or cleaning does not do anything, it might be necessary to take more drastic action. There are a variety of hand and rotary tools that make removing grout easier, and while some cost a bit more than others, rotary tools such as the Dremel Multitool have far more uses in and around the home. Once the grout is removed you can re-apply new grout for a totally refreshed bathroom.


Silicone sealer around the bathtub, toilet and in the shower can be an eyesore, plus the fact that it's unhealthy. Replacing the silicone sealer around bathroom fittings will instantly refresh a bathroom and leave it looking clean and hygienic.

You will find everything you need to remove and replace mouldy silicone sealer at your local Builders. We've also got plenty of articles that will give you all the information you need to remove and replace grout. Depending on the size of your bathroom, removing and replacing old grout should take around and hour or so - well worth it when you see the improvement once you're done!


It's amazing what adding new textiles can do to a bathroom, whether it's replacing a dated shower curtain, to adding a few colourful, luxuriously fluffy towels.

Windows in most bathrooms are small and adding a colourful or patterned Roman blind won't break the bank. The experts at Finishing Touches can help you choose the perfect window treatment for your bathroom. And now that you've saved money on giving the bathroom a good clean, you can afford to splurge on a few extras.

Choose a window treatment that adds colour, pattern and texture to layer your bathroom with interest. Windows always look so bare without fabric, and blinds are an easy way to add personality without blocking out much-needed natural light. You can choose from ready-made aluminium Venetian blinds that won't rust, custom panel or Roman blinds, or ready-made women bamboo Roman blinds.


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