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Remove and replace bathroom silicone

Bostik have a range of products that offer an easy solution to remove grungy silicone around bathroom fittings, and replace with fresh, hygienic silicone sealer.



Silicone Stripper

A unique gel formulated to remove fresh or old silicone. Silicone stripper easily and safely removes silicone from sanitaryware, plaster, masonry, concrete, glass, wood, and more. Simply apply a thick layer of Bostik Silicone Stripper over silicone to make it easy to scrape away.











Shower Silicone

Providing a mould-resistant seal that is waterproof and flexible, Bostik Shower Silicone offers a permanently flexible, durable and watertight seal in and around the bathroom. Application is easy and you can refresh your bathroom in an instant.



1. Apply masking tape just above and below where the silicone will be applied.

2. Cut the nozzle for the sealer and squeeze a solid bead along the taped line.

3. Use a profile to neaten the sealer and immediately remove the tape.



Silicone Profiles

Use Bostik's Silicone Profiles to achieve a professional finish when applying silicone sealer around sanitaryware and fittings. The flexible Duraflex material leaves a neat, smooth seal every time.