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Use Pebble Mosaic For Bathroom Projects

Pebble mosaic is great for a wide range of projects and is perfect for adding an attractive feature to a plain bathroom wall or floor.



Reasonably inexpensive, pebble mosaic is a great way to introduce an interesting and attractive feature to a plain bathroom. All you need to do is replace a few tiles on the wall or floor to transform an all-white and sterile bathroom. Pricing for a pebble mosaic sheet ranges depending on the type of stone, the pattern and the supplier. I found a reasonable selection of pebble mosaic tiles at Builders and CTM, all at prices that won't damage a wallet, especially if you are only going to tile a small area in the bathroom.







Pebble mosaic gives any bathroom even more natural appeal and is ideal for anyone wanting a spa bath experience.



The Castaway Pebble Mosaic sheet is available at Builders.








A bit of shopping around or shopping online will lead you to several suppliers of pebble mosaic sheets in all types of styles, some with a rounded, natural pebble and others with a flat finish, giving you the option to shop around until you find what you need for your bathroom.



If you are looking to renovate an old bathroom or give an existing bathroom a makeover, don't overlook what pebble mosaic tiles can do for the room. A full wall of pebble mosaic tiles brings an element of warmth and texture to a bathroom and brings in far more character than a wall of plain white tiles.







If you prefer not to use pebble mosaic for a feature in the bathroom, there are plenty of other natural and composite stone options to consider.



Pebble mosaic tile adds an unexpected element to a cottage, country, rustic or coastal bathroom scheme and you can choose from a range of subtle colours for pebble mosaic, from cool grey hues to mellow browns.

Pebble Mosaic Tiles are great if you are looking to add a backsplash above a bathroom basin or bathroom vanity. You can even use them to create unusual designs along the side of a bathtub to provide an interesting feature and to serve as a backsplash for this area.


Pebble mosaic tile is the perfect material for adding a feature in a shower. Choose a colour that complements the tiles being used in the shower and arrange pebble mosaic tile as an eye-catching feature and an interesting texture underfoot.


Pebble mosaic tile can be used on both walls and floors and even break up a large expanse of plain tiles. Allow sufficient space between tiles to fit a single row or more of pebble mosaic pieces between the tiles.


Whatever the style of your bathroom, there is sure to be a way that you can use pebble mosaic tile to add something unique, even in a modern bathroom. Very easy to install, zero maintenance other than normal cleaning, and durable, you can mix and match different pebble styles to create an even more unusual feature using pebbles.







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