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How to mount a bathroom mirror

In this article we look at how to drill holes in mirror or glass and then how to hang a mirror in your bathroom.


When you're not mounting a mirror directly on top of tiles, in which case you would use heavy-duty double-sided tape and neutral cure silicone, you're going to need to measure and drill to secure a mirror onto the wall.

We have included below a couple of videos that you might find very helpful when you decided to mount a mirror onto the wall using mirror screws.

The first video below explains how to drill holes in a mirror (or glass) for mounting onto a wall. You can buy Glass & Tile Bits at any Builders store.

The second video explains how to mount a mirror onto a wall. You're going to need to use Eureka Mirror Screws, which can also be found at Builders.

How to drill holes in glass or mirror

How to mount mirror on walls


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