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Transform your Bathroom on a Budget

A bathroom renovation doesn't have to be a costly exercise when you can give it a fresh new look without going to extremes.





A bathroom renovation can be a costly exercise, but you can give your bathroom a fresh new look without going to extremes.’s pros share their tips for a budget bathroom makeover:



Black is the new black

Instead of classic chrome taps, shake things up with matte black or shimmering copper to add a modern touch to your bathroom. For a coordinated finish, mount a black framed mirror over the basin to complete the look. A plumber can help you get these fixtures installed properly, and remedy any leaks or issues at the same time.



Great grouting

Just re-doing the grout between your tiles can make a surprising difference in the appearance of your bathroom. Dark grouting is modern and doesn’t show dirt as easily.


Show off your style

Floating shelves are a great way to display your favourite decor pieces, and create a point of interest, without taking up any floor space. Get a carpenter to create and install shelves in custom sizes and shapes to suit your bathroom.




Wow with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a lot easier to replace than tiles and there is an array of moisture-resistant wallpapers out there to choose from. Opt for a bright patterned feature wall for a splash of colour or try out a budget-friendly stone or brick-effect design to add the illusion of texture.



Upgrade your lighting

For a simple way to update and improve a bathroom that may not provide the kind of glow you seek, consider upgrading your light fixtures. The optimal setup is a pair of wall sconces - one on each side of the mirror, at eye level. Changing electrical fittings is a job best left to the pros, so get a trusted electrician to help.



Add a splash of colour

Paint is a great option for any budget-conscious makeover. If your bathroom is mostly white, give it some personality by painting your cabinets a bold colour, or create an accent wall in an interesting colour. Be sure to hire a professional painter to help you choose the right type of paint and achieve the perfect look.



Cut out some shelves

Adding recessed shelves isn't as complicated as it sounds, but unless you’re a dab hand with DIY, we’d recommend bringing in a builder for this one. Whether inside a tiled shower wall or set above a bath, they'll add an effortlessly stylish architectural feature to the room, as well as providing ample storage.


Lay some laminate

Laying laminate flooring in your wash space is an easy way to make a dramatic change for a relatively small outlay. It's hard wearing, easy to clean and on trend. If the wood-effect isn't your thing, you can choose from a range of other options too.

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