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Design solution for a long, narrow bathroom

With just a bit of creativity and imagination, any bathroom can be given an update to bring it into the 21st century. This long, narrow bathroom was old fashioned but the homeowners didn't know what to do to update and refresh the room.


Main faults with this bathroom are the shape of the room and the lack of light. The single, high window is the only source of natural light and left the original bathroom feeling dark and claustrophobic. The solution was the paint the walls in a brilliant white to add a sense of spaciousness, while dark wood accents, checkerboard floors and a claw-foot soaker lend vintage charm.







The existing built-in closet is removed in favour of a new vanity and freestanding shelf unit.



Plain pine bathroom cabinets are given a coat or two of Rust-Oleum satin canyon black. While you might think that black is a strange colour to use for a small bathroom, when combined with white walls and fittings, the black cabinets break up the expanse of white, which would otherwise be overpowering. Lime and yellow accents add a splash of colour.










The original fitted tub is replaced with an acrylic claw-foot slipper tub and new taps fitted to complement the vintage style. White-on white SupaWood panelling adds architectural interest without sacrificing the now airy feeling of this bathroom transformed. Here's an easy way to add panelling to a room.



The checkered ceramic tile floor with dark grey -coloured grout gives the floors a cohesive look and allows the tub's claw feet to shine. If you plan to fit a second-hand tub, take the time to restore before fitting into the bathroom. You can have claw feet electroplated with a new chrome finish. 



A tiled wall along one side of the bathtub has a shelf for stashing toiletries and bathing essentials for easy access. While it's OK to install panelling on walls that won't get wet - do tile those that will get wet.



The high pine ceiling was painted in a satin black to bring down the proportions and bring a cohesive look to the finished room, while leafy designs painted onto the panelling add a soft edge to the corners. Here's how to paint tongue and groove panelling.

You can apply wall decals to walls as an option to painting these on.