Now you can tile over smooth surfaces

Homeowners tackling their own tiling projects can overcome the potential lifting of tiles linked to surfaces that are dense, impervious or smooth, by using the new TAL Keymix powder primer. This product forms part of a tile adhesive priming system that creates better adhesion to the surface, when mixed with TAL Keycoat latex-based liquid.


TAL Keymix is a powder primer used in a 2:1 volume mix in conjunction TAL Keycoat. The TAL Keymix primer slurry is used to prepare the surface and enhance the bond of the adhesive onto the surface substrate and offers phenomenal adhesion to most dense, impervious and smooth surfaces, such as power-floated or steel-floated concrete and screeds, existing tiles and glass, to name a few. 

Where a surface is dense, smooth or impervious (non-porous), it provides no mechanical key for the adhesive to complete the bonding process. These surfaces usually have to be suitably prepared, either by roughening the surface, which is time-consuming and messy, or by priming the substrate. Now, the TAL Keycoat and TAL Keymix slurry priming coat will enhance the adhesive bond onto the smooth or dense substrate.

In contrast, very porous substrates may draw (leach) the mixing liquid from the adhesive into the substrate, which will adversely affect the integrity and performance of the adhesive. Furthermore, contamination on the surface, such as dust and loose particles, will block the bonding process and prevent the adhesive from bonding onto the substrate.

It is important to note that TAL Keymix must be mixed with TAL Keycoat liquid in a 2:1 volume ratio. Adding the powder to the liquid ensures better dispersion and prevents lumps from forming. Once sufficiently mixed, TAL Keymix slurry is brushed onto the surface with a builder’s block brush.

Applying AL Keymix primer system also enhances water resistance in tile installations such as showers and balconies, particularly when used in conjunction with adhesive and grout where TAL Bond Powder has been added to the mix. However, when a fully waterproofed installation is required, the correct waterproofing system such as TAL Sureproof or TAL Superflex needs to be applied before tiling.

TAL Keymix is available in 20 kg bags. To find out more about the product, and for useful tips on priming, visit