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Tips to Decorate a Guest Toilet

More often than not, very little effort goes into decorating a guest toilet, but it doesn't take much to dress up a guest toilet into a stunning space.




In most instances, not a lot of effort goes into decorating a guest toilet or toilet that is separate from the bathroom. It is usually left pretty much as it was when the house was built and yet, this is an area that guests visit often. You don't need to put much effort into decorating the guest toilet to make it an attractive space - one that your guests will enjoy, and we have a few ideas that will help you along the way.



A guest toilet is often overlooked when it comes to decorating living spaces in the home but with a little creative effort and a small budget you can do so much with this room.



There are so many ways to decorate a guest toilet, from simply using paint to add more interest to tiling one or more walls. In a tiny guest toilet, you are better off only decorating the back wall (behind the toilet) to give the room the illusion of more space. Wood-look tiles are great for this room and are easy to clean and give a guest toilet a warmer feel but still allow for an easily cleanable finish.









Cementitious plastering or wall coating is another solution for the walls in a guest toilet but do introduce a couple of warmer elements so that the room doesn't feel stark and cold.



Tiling a guest toilet is a practical solution but not everyone can afford the cost of tiles and labour. It is a good idea to keep your eye open for special offers or 'end-of-range' tiles that will be more affordable and remember to buy a few extra tiles in case you need to replace broken or chipped tiles.



If you decide to tile a guest toilet, select tiles that will not easily become dated. Faux marble or granite tiles will create an elegant look that will not go out of date.



Light coloured tiles are preferable for this small space, as are large tiles. Both size and colour will open the space and make it feel airier and brighter.







Encaustic tiles add a fun element to a guest bathroom and are available in all colours and patterns. If you want a guest toilet that is inviting and quirky, this might be a good option for a home.



Paint and paint techniques are an excellent choice for a guest bathroom. The room is small enough that any paint techniques shouldn't take too long, and the end result will be well worth the effort. Keep dark colours for the back wall of the guest toilet and lighten up the side walls. This will bring depth to the room and give it more impact.



The reclaimed wood look might be less of a trend but there is still wallpaper and bringing any wood-look into a guest toilet is a wonderful way to add warmth.





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