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How to cut shapes and curves in tiles

Most bathrooms require at least one hole in tiles for a floor or shower waste outlet, or for a toilet and pedestal if you are tiling an existing bathroom layout. For efficient water run-off, position the circle at the intersection of two or four tiles rather than cutting into a single tile.





Angle Grinder

Diamond blade with a smooth, continuous rim

Diamond tipped tile scorer

Tile nipper












1. Score the circle outline

Mark the circle on the tiles then score the profile with a diamond tipped tile scorer. Follow this mark with the angle grinder, applying light, gentle pressure to the surface of the tile.


2. Easy removal

Before removing the excess tile, make short cuts on both sides of the semi-circle. Connect the cuts (C) by making a series of progressively deeper shallow cuts.


3. Make short radial cuts

Complete the semicircle with a series of spoke-like radial cuts (see image bottom right). Clean up rough edges with a diamond blade or remove tabs with a tile nipper.







4. Clean up

Grind the edges smooth, working slowly around each curve.


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Use Tork Craft Diamond Tipped Blades for best results. We recently used these blades in our DIY Divas Advanced Power Tool Workshop and were extremely impressed with the result.