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To DIY tile or not

While getting down to business in your home might save you money, there’s a fine line between a quick fix DIY project and a full on renovation that requires a professional.


While saving money might seem appealing, having to call someone in to fix the mess you make will end up costing you a lot more than the actual project. So, you need to decide whether to DIY or not to DIY.

Whether you’ve just moved into your new place and have a few renovations and fixes in mind to make it your dream home, or if your older home needs a bit of a refresh; deciding whether or not to do it yourself is a huge consideration. Take for example, tiling – while a small tiling fix can be done in a couple of minutes, a larger scale project could end in disaster if not done properly (think tiles falling off the wall and smashing to the ground).

When it comes down to it, do you take on the challenge, buy the supplies and tackle the task alone or do you step back and let a professional take care of the job? Before you get in over your head, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I have the time?

Larger scale projects, like renovating a bathroom or kitchen, can take weeks or months. Make sure you have the time to give up this space for however long it takes to complete the job.

Do I have the right tools?

Consider what special tools you might need for a particular task. For example, installing a tile backsplash in your kitchen calls for a tile saw. Side note: if you have no idea what a tile saw is, hire someone to lend a helping hand! If you have more than one tile project, the saw is a good investment. If not, you might save money calling a professional.

Do I have the experience?

There’s a huge difference between installing a hardwood floor and simply painting a coat of paint on your bathroom walls. If you feel you’re not equipped to take on the task – outsource it!

When it comes to sprucing up your home, there are just some things you should stay away from. While tiling your bathroom might seem as simple as heading down to your favourite tile store to choose your style and plastering them on your wall, there’s a lot more to it. Here are 10 jobs that, when done on a large scale, we suggest you stay away and instead let the professionals handle.

- Installing exterior doors

- Roofing

- Installing garage doors

- Carpeting

- Tiling

- Kitchen countertops

- Flooring

- Room extensions

- Erecting a boundary wall

- Digging foundations

At the end of the day, the internet is filled with DIY fails that will put you off ever touching your own home. The key to deciding whether to DIY or not depends on your knack for home renovations, the tools you have and the time you can dedicate to the task.

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