Design ideas for kitchen and bathroom

Styles may come and go but kitchen and bathrooms will also continue to plan an important role in any home. In a newly built home the homeowners will design a kitchen that meets their immediate needs, but in an older home it's nice to know that improvements can be done to keep up with modern trends.


With most families and friends congregating in the kitchen, this room is definitely the heart of a home - a space that draws people and that needs to be warm, spacious and welcoming.

Bathrooms are just as important, and none more so than an en-suite bathroom. It is important to create a space that is not only functional, but also a relaxing space where you can just escape and soothe away the worries of the world.

When you consider the importance of these two spaces in a home it’s essential that any investment or improvement be done wisely, not only from a personal enjoyment perspective, but also from the point of view that inevitably, there will come a time when a homeowner wants to sell and move on.

According to experts, Myhomeneedz, a good guideline amount to collectively invest in these rooms is approximately 5 to 10% of the value of the property. But it’s important to consider such an investment carefully. Bathroom and kitchen makeovers can be undertaken at any time but are typically done when the rooms are outdated and you intend living at the property for some time - or when you are preparing to sell the property.

Before you make the ultimate decision weigh up whether or not it’s worth it when updating to sell. If you don’t owe a lot on your bond then it will probably work in your favour to upgrade the rooms as they will bolster your asking price. However, if you owe a fair amount on your bond and don’t think the state of the rooms will detract too much from your asking price then it’s probably better to leave such an upgrade to the new owners.

Liza Watermeyer of Tile Africa warns against overcapitalising. “Do your homework, ask an estate agent for a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and see how much properties in your area are selling for on average. Doing so will enable you to scale back or gear up your refurbishment plans accordingly.“

Alison White of Pam Golding Fourways Gardens says that the decision to refurbish depends on the condition of these rooms and whether the seller thinks it will detract significantly from his or her asking price. “If these rooms are in moderate need of attention, by all means carry out a few basic repairs and improvements such as applying a fresh coat of paint. Other than that consider asking a realistic price and leave the rooms to others to personalise and make their own.“

When selling a home, White advocates presenting a neutral, de-cluttered palette which will enable others to envision their own space. She also advises purchasing local taps and fixtures over imported varieties as local versions can be more easily repaired.

“Whatever the case, if you choose to refurbish prior to selling or refurbish as a new home owner, it’s advisable to select a fairly neutral, classic look and incorporate fixtures and finishes which won’t date and will appeal to a broad market come time to sell,“ says Watermeyer.

Other refurbishment tips Liza recommends include:

  • Create a contingency budget: Inevitably when revamping there will be unexpected problems that crop up. Having a contingency budget in place will offset such issues.
  • Keep in mind potential buyers’ needs: Many buyers simply want to move straight in to a property and not have to deal with any hassles such as a poorly planned washing up area, lack of flow, damp or suspect tiling. Utilising the services of professional, reputable kitchen and bathroom planners and contractors will go a long way towards avoiding such concerns.
  • Provide plenty of storage space: Families are always on the lookout for bathrooms and kitchens that feature a decent amount of neat and convenient storage space so incorporate as much of this as possible.
  • Invest in quality appliances: Quality appliances always create a good impression and denote that you care about what you use and by association, your surroundings too.

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