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4 Ideas For An Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover

Whether you are renting a home or wanting to give your boring bathroom a makeover, we have 4 inexpensive ideas that you can consider.



Is your bathroom boring white and lacking in personality? Are there ugly coloured or patterned tiles on the wall that you think is hideous? Do you cringe when visitors ask to use the bathroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to do something to give your bathroom a makeover - even if it is only a small makeover.



It doesn't matter if your bathroom is tiled floor-to-ceiling, three-quarters of the way up the wall or halfway up the wall, there are now plenty of paint options to cover up ugly coloured or patterned tiles and to paint walls above tiles. There is floor paint or chalk paint that can be used to apply stencil designs to cover up vinyl or tiled floors.

You can choose from a variety of paint options for painting walls in a bathroom. And there are also paints that can be used to disguise coloured or patterned tiles. Or go for wall stickers if you want to bring interesting pattern into a plain bathroom. Take a look at our Bathroom Improvement section for ideas and advice you can use for giving a bathroom a makeover - without spending too much.








Don't like the tiles in your bathroom but can't afford to rip out and replace them? There's an easy solution for this. Cover up tiles with painted pine tongue and groove or make wall panels to fit over a tiled area.

I have two tips if you plan on doing this project:


- Keep any SupaWood board product off the floor as it sucks up moisture like a sponge. Make sure that the bottom of the wall panelling is a strip or pine or hardwood that will protect the SupaWood and keep moisture out of the way.


- Paint the panelling to protect it from moisture. Nothing less than 3 to 4 coats will do the job properly and you need to pre-paint the entire surface area of the product before installing and then applying additional coats of paint or sealer.


ideal home


You can also use pine or hard polystyrene products to add architectural detailing to window frames, around the edge of ceilings or to any fittings in the bathroom such as mirrors or cabinets. If you need help or advice on crafty DIY projects you can do for a bathroom, take a look at our Bathroom Crafts section.


Did you know that you can use SupaWood to paint bathroom furniture? And it does last if painted correctly!



In the past, we were limited by the options available for decorating a bathroom. Now you can pop into any Builders store, or shop online, to find more than a few alternatives to tiles in a bathroom. I have seen designs for wall cladding that look great and can be used as an alternative to tiled walls or to cover up tiled walls and they aren't too expensive. These products give you the option to try something different in a bathroom - something that creates a stand-out bathroom.



Paying attention to small details can have a big impact on how a bathroom looks and feels. Using all the tricks above and bringing in a few small accessories will have your bathroom looking great in no time at all. Take a step back and really look closely at your bathroom and imagine how a few added extras will make a difference. If you're not sure what to add, do some online shopping at your favourite stores to see what's in stock. This will help you to put together a list of items that will put the finishing touches on any bathroom makeover. 

Whether you are using paint products, accessories or adding accents, you will find more ideas and inspiration in our Bathroom Design section.





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