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Which is Better - Bath or Shower?

Thinking about renovating a bathroom, then you also need to think about whether to install a bath or shower and the benefits of both.




Renovating an existing bathroom or having a new home built? Deciding on what goes in the bathroom can be a difficult decision when there are pros and cons for bathtubs and showers. Not all bathrooms have enough space for both but there are things to consider for a family bathroom or if this is not your forever home.









In a Family Bathroom


The Pros and Cons of a Bathtub


- Good selling point

Some homes only have one bathroom while others have a second, en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom. But in a house that has a dedicated family bathroom that is used by young children, or perhaps you are planning to start a family in the near future, a bathtub is a priority for bathing toddlers and children. So much so that not having a bathtub in a family home could be a negative when the time comes to sell your property.



- Durability

Choosing a bathtub for a family bathroom also needs to consider how it looks in the bathroom, especially if this is the only bathroom in the house and serves the family and any visitors. Just because it is a family bathroom doesn't mean you don't want it to look good. Take the time to shop around for options but kind in mind durability. A bathtub needs to be durable and not chip easily, it also needs to be accessible if children will make use of it and have easy access to taps and fittings.







A bathtub is also easier to clean than a shower. Cleaning a shower requires cleaning walls and doors to prevent hard water stains or build-up of soap scum whereas a bathtub is a quick wipe with a soft cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. Something else to think about.



Can't decide between a bathtub or shower? Why not have both!



- Luxury

Another reason to try and keep a bathtub in the bathroom is that nothing beats the luxury of a long, relaxing soak in bubbles with candlelit surroundings to soothe you after a long day at work, even if you only get to enjoy it once a week. For that reason alone, you will want to consider whether to replace the bathtub with a shower.



- A Statement Piece

There are some stunning designs out there for bathtubs, ranging from sleek slipper baths to contemporary curves and deep-soak tubs. There is always the option to have a curtain rail installed or a glass panel fitted to equip any bathtub to that of a dual-purpose one for both bathing and showering.



- Privacy

I don't know about anyone else, but I do enjoy my privacy. A glass-panelled shower is generally fitted with clear glass, either for the surrounding panels or the glass door. Even a walk-in shower is open or has clear glass panels. If you enjoy a certain amount of privacy in the bathroom, a shower might not be the ideal choice. At least with a bathtub, you can fit a privacy curtain.







A curtain along the side of a bathtub or shower offers privacy when you want it.





The Pros and Cons of a Shower



- Good Selling Point

Having a shower in a bathroom is considered a good selling point provided the shower is on-trend and fitted with water-saving features. A point of interest though and one mentioned above, replacing an existing bathtub with a shower in a family home is not a good idea and may devalue the price of a property. How do you decide if your property is considered a family home? It all depends on the neighbourhood, location, and layout of the property.



In a small bathroom, a walk-in shower takes up the same amount of space as a bathtub but provides the illusion of a larger bathroom.



The ideal family home is considered as one that has enough space to house a family - whether existing or growing - and is located close to schools. Access to a garden isn't absolutely essential as long as there are parks and play areas in the neighbourhood. In the development where I live, there are 3 and 4 bedroom homes with small gardens, some with pools and others without, that has become a sought-after area simply for the fact that it is a great place for children to play. For this reason alone, I have kept the bathroom in the guest bedroom if I wish to put the property up for sale at a later date.



- Durability

A shower is only as durable as the quality and installation. An incorrectly fitted shower can result in leaks and damage to surrounding walls and fittings. Other than that, showers should be fitted with safety or shatterproof glass for the safety of you and your family.



Showers on the whole are considered far more water-wise than a bathtub, but there is still the option to use a shower every day and enjoy a relaxing bath once a week.



- Luxury

There is no doubt that there are some pretty showers on the market. Nowadays, you can choose a walk-in shower with all the bells and whistles and rain shower heads, as well as numerous spray nozzles and jets to cleanse and soothe the body. But, like everything else, these luxury showers come at a price. A luxurious shower is a great investment for a master bathroom but consider wisely before spending the same amount in a family or guest bathroom.







If you have decided on a shower over a bathtub, make the most of the available space and splurge on luxury.



- A Statement Piece

Nothing makes a statement in a bathroom than a walk-in shower or wet room, especially one that is fitted with all the latest water-saving devices and jets. If you are thinking about such an option, double-check to make sure you have enough water pressure or you will need to have a pressure regulator installed. Another thing to consider is having a water softener installed if your water is hard water and filled with minerals that can easily build-up on surfaces.


Look at a bathroom design that allows for both and shower and bath in a compact bathroom.



A walk-in shower at one end or side of the bathroom, or even fitted into a corner is the best solution for a small bathroom and having a walk-in shower installed means that you don't have to worry about opening or closing doors. Ad adjustable shower head allows for variable height settings and a more immersive showering experience.



Plan ahead for privacy for your shower so that you can buy special glass panels fitted at the same time as installation.



- Privacy

If you love the idea of having a shower fitted but not the lack of privacy, there is always the option to have glass panels sandblasted to give you more privacy. There are also self-adhesive vinyl films with opaque designs that can offer a modicum of privacy to an open shower.



For privacy in a glass panel or walk-in shower, you can have glass panels sandblasted or apply an opaque self-adhesive vinyl.





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