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Seamless Bathroom Design

We all wish we could afford to buy our dream home immediately, but this isn't always the case. Sometimes you have to start off by buying a home that needs some TLC, and the bathroom is going to be top of the list for a renovation.


With home improvement projects a big part of today’s lifestyle, you can take any house and make it your own. Because it's the one room in a home that you can't hide from visitors, a great place to start your projects is in the bathroom. There's nothing more depressing than a bathroom with dingy, old fashioned tiles and outdated floors.

The main bathroom in any home is generally associated with 'me time' - it's a place to unwind and relax after the stresses of a hard day at work. With out hectic lifestyles, the bathroom is the one space where we can be along for some serious pampering, so it makes sense that this is the first room to renovate.

There is a growing popularity for seamless, and ripping up old wall and floor tiles and replacing with seamless cementitious finishes is definitely on trend. Add to that the fact that this trend is great for small bathrooms - creating the illusion of a much larger space.

When renovating a bathroom, having to remove and replace tiles - wall and floor - can be very off-putting. There's a lot of mess and hard work involved in the process. Not to forget having to repair any damage to wall after removing tiles, and before applying new tiles.

Decorative cement finishes require far less effort than having to re-tile, and the suede-like finish complements any style of bathroom. For a modern or minimalist bathroom, use these finishes to coat inside showers, basins and bath tubs.

Cemcrete SatinCrete is a stunning mottled wall coating. It is a thin skim, cementitious decorative plaster that creates a smooth, coloured finish that is ideal for bathroom walls. After installation, the product is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

Every bathroom needs a vanity and you don't necessarily have to install a ready-made vanity. Today it's so easy to build your own bathroom vanity and coat this with a decorative cement finish. This popular trend allows you to incorporate custom designs in a bathroom renovation.


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