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5 Ideas to Make a Guest Bathroom more Welcoming

The perfect way to make guests and visitors feel welcome in your home is to bring personality and warmth into a guest bathroom.






Rental home or dream home, adding personality to a guest bathroom is an easy way to make visitors and guests feel welcome in your home. Why settle for a boring bathroom when a few accessories can make a big difference. Below are some practical tips to keep in mind if your guest bathroom is anything but welcoming.



1. Bring Art into a Bathroom

Not many people think about putting any effort into decorating a guest bathroom which is silly since it is also a part of the home and probably more so when you think about how many people use a guest bathroom. Just a little effort will go a long way towards warming up the space and making it feel more comfortable.



An easy way to add art and greenery to a bathroom - frame a mirror with silk foliage and plants.





A piece of art is a simple way of making a guest bathroom feel more personal and it can add a splash of colour as well. It doesn't even need to be a large piece of art and an arrangement of two small pictures is plenty. You can select art that reflects the style of the home or your decorating scheme or select a piece that is suitable for a bathroom.











2. Add a Plant or Two

Plants have shown to be a beneficial part of home decor in any room in the home and a bathroom is no exception. In fact, some plants thrive in a bathroom, whether it receives little light or indirect sunlight during the day. Select plants that will adjust well to the light in your bathroom and choose plants that love a humid environment. You can also pick plants that are low maintenance and only require watering occasionally.





Even silk or artificial plants will add warmth to the bathroom, and there are plenty of silk flowers that almost resemble the real thing and are maintenance-free apart from a dusting now and again.









3. Dress up Windows

Because bathrooms are all hard surfaces, these rooms tend to echo or emphasize sound. An easy way to cut down on noise in a bathroom and make it feel more private is to incorporate textiles and dressing a bathroom window gives you the opportunity to bring more textural elements into the room.





A Roman blind is a fabric blind that can be raised or lowered as required or you can let it hang halfway down a window. Not only good for dulling sound and privacy, but a Roman blind can also be made with decorative patterns or in plain colours for a brighter bathroom.





4. Add Interest with a Shower Curtain

I'm not a fan of clingy, plastic shower curtains so it's a good thing that the shower curtains you can buy these days are no longer like that. Technology has brought about many improvements in synthetic fabrics, and you can now select a shower curtain that is waterproof and looks great. In a plain bathroom or all-white bathroom, choose a shower curtain to add colour or a pattern that is interesting.









5. Layer with Luxury

Rugs, bathmats and assorted towels are decorative and functional, and you can select a colour that works well in a bathroom. If you are adding a piece of colourful art, tie this in with coloured towels or vice-versa. The fluffier the better, even if you only splurge on one luxurious towel it will make a difference.




Bathmats and rugs will be warm underfoot on cold tiles, floors and will up the soundproofing in a sterile bathroom. Thick rugs are better than thin mats and keep them fluffy by hand washing and then fluffing up the pile.





It doesn't require much effort and only a few accessories to transform a bland bathroom into a welcoming bathroom. Use one or all the above to bring personality and warmth into the room.







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