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Can I paint my bath, basin, toilet exterior, or tiles?

The answer is an emphatic yes you can! Don’t replace your worn out or discoloured sanitaryware items; give them a fresh new look by refinishing them with the proven TUBBY DIY Bath Refinishing and Bathtub Resurfacing Kit and save money doing so!


The cost of replacement is often higher than just the price of a new bath or basin. Re-tiling, re-plumbing, re-painting, and re-flooring may also be required when breaking out a bath to replace it with a new one, and there is the nuisance factor of not being able to use the bathroom for a while too.

This product, proudly produced right here in South Africa by Mend A Bath International, is a two-part epoxy formulated specifically to withstand the harsh conditions of a bathtub or basin. Colour matching is also no problem – there are 48 standard colours to choose from.

The comprehensive kit contains all the items required to resurface your bath. You will also need some lacquer thinners and cloths to clean any spills. Follow this link to view the refinishing process from start to finish.  

TUBBY DIY refinishing kits can be ordered online  – delivered to your door – free shipping.


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