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Restore or paint cast iron, ceramic or porcelain bathtub or sink

Being able to paint and restore a cast iron, ceramic, porcelain or fiberglass bath tub means you don't have to rip out and replace your old tub and saves you time and money on an expensive bathroom renovation.



Cast iron, ceramic and porcelain sanitary ware can be refreshed with Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Kit - available on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse. This product acts and looks like porcelain and ceramic, and when applied to these surfaces, provides a durable finish that instantly refreshes a bathroom.











When this house was originally built, coloured bathrooms were all the rage. Although I am lucky that the suite is a pale grey rather than avocado green or puce pink, the suite needs to be refreshed with white to brighten up and give the bathroom a new look.









Rust-Oleum have a specialty range that is perfect for painting cast iron, ceramic or porcelain. Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit is a 2-part epoxy paint that is easily applied and dries to a hard, durable finish that looks good.



Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit comes with a tin of Base and a tin of Activator. After stirring both tins well, the Activator is poured into the Base tin and stirred well. That is all that is required and you are now ready for painting.



If it isn't possible to remove taps and drains from a sink, basin or bathtub, cover these up with masking tape to avoid getting them full of paint.



To cover up the drain I cut out a piece of plastic from the lid of an old margarine tub and then stuck this in place with Prestik - it worked!



You can apply Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refreshing Kit with a paint brush, foam roller or spray system. I chose to go with a foam roller. A paint brush will leave some brush strokes, but the product is self-levelling so it should smooth out on its own.







If you have a large project, such as a bathtub, a spray system may be the best option. You will need to mask off the surrounding area and work in a well-ventilated space.



I used a small artist's paint brush to apply paint around the drain and taps and then went over it with the foam roller to smooth and even out.



This is what the sink looks like after applying the first coat. This gets left for an hour or so until it's dry to the touch. A second coat is applied in the same way, and depending upon the colour or how badly the tub or basin in stained, you may need to apply a third coat. All coats are dry if left overnight. Rust-Oleum products are available on the shelf at your local Builders.