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Adding an extra bathroom in the attic space

Not all homes have space to add on an extra bathroom, but an attic conversion can provide plenty of space for a full-on bathroom suite.


After selling their modern townhouse, this young couple was in the market for a home that would give them more space. They found an older home that fit the bill perfectly, with the exception of a few mod cons. The house was like a time capsule and hadn’t been touched for years, but the property had lots of potential. The couple were inspired by a fabulous loft bedroom and en suite in a hotel where they stayed on holiday. Originally, the idea was to open up the attic to allow for two bedrooms, each with its own en suite, but they thought it would be better to have one luxurious bedroom and bathroom space, with no door between the two areas, other than to separate the toilet.

There are plenty of companies around the country that offer attic or loft conversions. It is in your best interests to obtain at least three quotations from reputable installers, and to carefully look at your options.

After five years renovating the rest of the house the couple were ready to start work on creating a new master bedroom and en suite. Some major alterations needed to be done in the roof space to carve out enough space to fit everything into the area. Most of the work was done DIY, but help was enlisted when needed. 

Before beginning any work the couple used the free drawing tool, SketchUp, to see how the space would look and to ensure that key components were in the correct position.

The spa bath almost pushed the couple over their budget but they avoided this by only completing one area at a time. They had managed for so long with the old bathroom downstairs that a touch of extra luxury was long overdue. Getting the new bath up to the loft, however, proved to be quite a challenge. It was wrapped in bubble wrap before being carefully lifted through the void where the staircase was going to go.

When planning for a new bath, or bathroom renovation, take size and weight into consideration if the new space is not on ground level.

Some delicate maneuvering was required to get the shower screen in place, since it was a solid piece of glass with no joins. Last to be fitted into the new space were two mirrored bathroom cabinets, which have integrated LED lighting, creating a soft glow that minimises disturbance at night in the open-plan space.


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