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Quick Project: Give a Bathroom and Instant Update

If your bathroom looks grubby despite regular cleaning, perhaps you need to refresh the grout for an instant update.



Despite all your efforts to the opposite, grout lines between bathroom tiles can become grubby and stained over time. This quick project shows how easy it is to refresh bathroom tiles with new grout and have your bathroom looking in tip-top condition. This is also a great project if you are looking to sell your home and want to update a bathroom without too much effort and for little cost.








Grout removal tool

Tile grout

Mixing bowl

Spatula or paint scraper










GOOD TO KNOW: If replacing the grout in a wet room or shower cubicle, add a waterproofing agent to the mixture.



1. Remove old grout between tiles with a grout removal tool. You can purchase these at Builders at around R49, depending on your location. This tool is excellent for removing loose and broken grout from between the tiles, or for removing a thin layer of grout. Hold the grout remover firmly to prevent slipping and scratching of tiles.



2. Brush away all the dust from the tiles and give the area a quick once-over with a vacuum cleaner. Follow the instructions on the pack to mix a batch of new grout. Use a bowl or small bucket and mix with water until it is a thick paste.

GOOD TO KNOW: You can use a wooden spoon to get rid of the lumps.



3. Use a paint scraper to push the grout into the gaps between the tiles. Press firmly into all the connecting grooves by moving the spatula back and forth over the tiles. Try not to leave too much excess grout on the tiles, as this will delay drying time and take longer to clean up.



4. Allow the grout to set for the specified amount of time, then use a damp sponge to wash any grout from the tiles. After cleaning, use a soft cloth and tile cleaner to remove any remaining haze and to polish the tiles.

GOOD TO KNOW: Rinse the sponge often to keep it clean. Use a bucket of water that you can later throw into the outside drain as grout will block a basin quite quickly.


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