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Give a Guest Toilet or Half-Bath A Makeover

There is still enough time before the holidays to grab what you need at Builders and give a guest toilet or half-bath a makeover before guests arrive.




With just a few cosmetic touches, this average guest toilet is transformed on a budget and completed over a weekend.









If you have guests popping in over the holidays and need to give a guest toilet or half-bath a makeover before they arrive, this article offers some practical tips and helpful advice so that you can visit your nearest Builders store to stock up on the materials and supplies you will need for this guest loo makeover.





There are more than a few designer tricks at your disposal to undertake an instant makeover on a guest toilet or half-bath without having to spend a lot of money. Everything done for the above guest toilet makeover is purely cosmetic and nothing was ripped out and replaced. All that was needed was some clever designer tricks and a few materials and supplies that you can purchase at any Builders store to turn this boring guest toilet into a modern space.







1. Clean out the room

Before you do any makeover on the room, it needs to be completely cleaned out and scrubbed down. If there is enamel paint on the walls, sand this down with 120-grit sandpaper, or buy a universal primer that will allow you to paint over the enamel paint, keeping in mind that the latter option will be more expensive. If there is acrylic paint on the walls, you need to do nothing more than cleaning the walls with sugar soap. This will remove any greasy residue or grimy finish that will prevent the new paint from bonding to the old paint.





2. Paint comes first

Even if you put down a drop cloth, which you should, there is still a possibility of paint drips and paint spatter getting onto surfaces and that's why you should paint first and leave the rest for later.


Select a paint that is suitable for a bathroom since they are specially formulated to be able to withstand moisture and you will not have to worry about paint peeling off later.


Use a paintbrush to apply paint around the edges of walls, floor, windows, and door frames, etc., before using a paint roller to apply paint over the walls.







3. Replace fixtures and fittings

If there are any cosmetic changes that you want to make to the guest toilet or half-bath, now is the time to do it. For example, you might want to replace light fittings with more modern designs, replace taps, or even add shelving or cupboards to provide more storage space for bathroom essentials.





4. Final touches

With the bathroom almost finished it is time to look at some necessary finishing touches. This can include window treatments, decorative accessories you want to include in the room and, in this instance, covering the ugly floor tiles with luxury vinyl flooring that is super-easy to install and provides a durable, lasting floor option that is easy to clean and hygienic for a bathroom. 







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