First antibacterial epoxy grout

Starlike is the first epoxy grout to offer antibacterial properties for bathrooms and kitchens.


Unlike other conventional grouts, Starlike contains an active antibacterial principle, capable of reducing up to 99%
of known bacteria and offering continuous germ protection.

When cleaning surfaces, and particularly grout, with a disinfecting cleaner, any bacteria is only temporarily wiped away and quickly returns. The higher porosity of cementitious products (conventional grout) results in an easier absorption of dirt, creating a surface film that is hard to remove by cleaning. Starlike contains an active antibacterial principle embedded within the hardened epoxy mortar, making it the ideal product for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

When combined with glass mosaic tiles, Starlike produces a grout and tile system that becomes the ideal combination for
floors and walls completely active against bacteria and, consequently, without any other obvious weaknesses.

Starlike Crystal is made up of micro glass spheres that allow the grout to absorb the colour of the surrounding glass mosaic pieces. This epoxy grout is ideal for restoring damaged grout or in situations where extra protection is required against fungi and mould growth.

Starlike epoxy grout is suitable for use with porcelain tiles, vitreous and metallic mosaic, wood, natural stone, glass blocks and cobblestone. You can use Starlike for laying and grouting wall and floors tiles in bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, as well as steam and Turkish baths.

Starlike is the most suitable for covering all those areas where a high level of hygiene, cleanliness and safety is required as:
health facilities, analysis and research laboratories, nurseries, schools, sports facilities, changing rooms, shower areas in gyms, swimming pools, private and collective kitchens, spas, etc. Plus, all the colours of Starlike range are UV-resistant, making them suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

Starlike epoxy grout is stain-resistant and water repellent and offers maximum protection against fungus and moulds. The product also offers excellent resistance to acid and chemical stains.

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