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Inexpensive way to upgrade bathroom tiles

If you are looking to give you bathroom an upgrade, but can't afford to rip out and replace tiles at this time, here's how to paint grout to give any bathroom a new look.

With a little DIY Diva savvy there are plenty of ways to update or refresh a bathroom - ones that don't require you to hire a contractor and won't cost a fortune. In this feature we show you a few days to give your bathroom a facelift with a few tips and tricks. 

Believe it or not you can paint over grout. If you don't want to go through the hassle of removing and placing grout, or ripping off and installing new tiles, a bit of acrylic craft paint can go a long way towards giving a bathroom a new look. In this case, black paint was applied over the grout to provide a contrast with plain white tiles. After painting, apply a grout sealer to seal the paint.

It is easier to apply masking tape around the edge of tiles before painting. If you don't you need to paint each line and wipe away excess paint immediately.

The most expensive part of any bathroom renovation is relocating plumbing and electrical fixtures. If you leave the layout in place it is far easier and less costly to simply replace the sink and tub fixtures.

Even replacing old fashioned taps and fittings can make a big impact on updating and giving a bathroom a fresh, new look. Stores like Builders Warehouse offer a varied selection of fittings, ranging from affordable to more expensive imported items.

Before mounting new fixtures, pop into your local Prominent Paints store and select the right paint for a bathroom - in a colour that enhances the space. Lighter colours will help to enlarge a small bathroom, and you have unlimited choice of hues.

Finish off your new bathroom with colourful or patterned fabrics to add a new dimension to the room.


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