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A Great Way to put Broken Tiles to Good Use

Broken tiles normally end up in the dustbin, but why throw them away when you can use them for other practical projects.




When you tackle a tiling project, you invariably end up with some broken tiles or tile pieces. Rather than throw these out, we have some great ways to use these broken tiles for practical projects in and around the home.









Tiles are expensive and any leftover broken tiles or cut-offs left over from a project are great to put to use in a variety of ways. All the tiling and mosaic projects shown below are done using broken tile bits, but you can also substitute broken tiles with broken crockery. Heck, some of the project ideas below are so gorgeous it makes me want to go out and buy some tiles to break to do them!



Broken Tile Steps or Stairs



This is one of my favourites on this page, using broken tiles to decorate steps or stairs both indoors and outdoors. The main colour of the tiled steps is white, but you can easily substitute this for the colour of tile that you have. If you like this idea and want to replicate it in your home, shop for inexpensive coloured tiles to add the detailing.







Make a statement using broken tiles to create an eye-catching entrance to a home. Broken tiles in two colours (blue and white) lead up to a glossy blue front door.



A little imagination and some broken tiles are all you need to transform a set of concrete stairs into a colourful masterpiece that becomes a focal point in the garden.







Patio or Stoep Flooring



How about this crazy pave with a splash of colour? Who knew that broken tiles could be used to design a unique and wonderful flooring feature for a patio or stoep. For this size of project, you might want to get in touch with suppliers of tiles to find out if they have any broken tiles that you can take off their hands. Alternatively, keep an eye out for anyone in the neighbouring that might be doing a renovation or tiling project and ask if you can take their broken tiles.



Using broken floor tiles to pretty up an ugly or concrete courtyard is an expensive way to give yourself a nice space that can be viewed from indoors and used as a cosy seating area.



Garden Paths and Walkways



Why have concrete paths and walkways when you can have crazy pave using broken tiles? It's an easy way to bring colour and interest to any garden and a great way to re-purpose something that would have ended up in the trash.



Even if you only have tiles in neutral hues, you can still lay to create an interesting pattern and use stones and pebbles for added impact.



Using broken tiles around whole tiles lets you cut down on the overall cost for tiling a patio floor.







Decorative Feature for Floors



If you are considering installing new flooring in a home, here's an interesting way to add an interesting feature to plain floors, whether tiled or concrete. Or use this to remove broken tiles and replace them with an attractive design using broken tiles. It is also a practical idea if you need to reduce the cost of a tiling project for any room in the home.



An interesting look. A mosaic of broken tiles with cement recreates the design of a terrazzo floor in this contemporary home.




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