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Black and White Bathroom Makeover

If you're looking to give your bathroom a makeover, take a look at what black and white floor tiles can do in a small or medium bathroom.


If you've decided it is time to give your bathroom a makeover with new floor tiles, you might be interested in the range of black and white mosaic and floor tiles now available at Builders Warehouse.

Timeless and elegant, black and white floors continue to be trendy for bathrooms, and you can use these tile combinations in a modern bathroom, a traditional bathroom, or to add a new look to almost any style of bathroom. Black and white floor tiles are also great if you are looking to restore an older home to its original glory. Black and white tiles were very common back in the day, and are still a popular choice today for many homeowners renovating a bathroom

The Victorian Hexagon mosaic tiles (300 x 300mm sheet) is ideal for bathroom and shower floors, and the versatile nature of mosaic tiles makes them suitable for installation on walls or floors. You can install the Victorian Hexagon mosaic tiles in a kitchen or bathroom and these porcelain tiles are long-lasting and durable.





Black and white tiles on walls or floors are a classic colour combination that gives any room a sophisticated and chic look. The combination of black and white floor tiles makes a big impact in bathrooms small or large, whether you go for a basic checkerboard design using black and white mosaic tiles, or something a bit more fancy like hexagonal-shaped tiles.

Give your bathroom eye-catching detail with a black and white tile floor and you have the freedom to choose furniture and accent colours to bring out the best in any bathroom.

Black and white tiles were often found in Victorian and Art Decor bathrooms for their ability to create a strong graphic quality and bring in eye-catching detail. Use black and white tiles when decorating a bathroom in Victorian style. The geometric shapes of these tiles contrast beautifully with curved Victorian taps and fittings.

Black and white checkerboard tiles are another way to create a bold statement in a bathroom. Suitable for walls and floors, the Castaway range of mixed black and white ceramic mosaic tiles are available in two sizes: 25 Mixed Tile and 48 Mixed Tile (both 300 x 300mm sheets), so you can choose whether to install a small or large black and white design to add a vanity splashback, or as a detail along the top of plain white tiles.



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