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5 Easy Upgrades to give any Bathroom a New Look

Giving your bathroom a new look doesn't have to cost a lot of money if you shop wisely and pay attention to small details.



1. Create an Accent Wall

Bathrooms can be bland and boring, which is why you will want to consider an accent wall as a way to bring some interest into the room. Paint is, without doubt, the easiest and least expensive option for adding interest to a plain bathroom, but there is also the alternative to use wallpaper.





Wallpaper isn't a difficult project, as many tend to think, and it won't take much to wallpaper a wall in a bathroom. You may only need 1 or 2 rolls to complete the project, depending on the size of your bathroom. Adding wallpaper is a DIY project that you can complete in a weekend and the result will be well worth it. Do make sure to buy a vinyl wallpaper or washable wallpaper, as this will be able to withstand the humidity or moisture in the bathroom.







A super-easy way to create an accent wall in a bathroom is using paint.

Design a funky accent wall using a paintbrush and paint.


Every bathroom needs some kind of storage and a medicine cabinet is just the right size for any bathroom.



2. Make or Buy a Medicine Cabinet

If you have a bathroom that is lacking on storage, one easy way to solve the problem is to make or buy a medicine cabinet that can be mounted on the wall above or alongside a bathroom vanity. It's a simple, affordable way to bring in more storage, and if it has a mirror on the front, even better. Choose or make a cabinet style that ties in with the look of the bathroom, or go one step better and make the medicine cabinet to reflect a new look.







3. Add a Shelf or two

Bathrooms are always in need for extra storage, or perhaps you want to bring in some decorative accessories to make the bathroom feel warmer or have character. You can use basic shelves to provide storage for baskets for storage or to provide a place to put in a few indoor plants, or even to put items on display.


There are many alternatives to drilling into walls if you need storage in a bathroom, such as using a ladder shelf for towels or a thin, streamlined cabinet bought from a secondhand store and restored to its former glory with paint and new hardware.


4. Handle the Hardware

Sometimes something as simple as swapping out old handles and knobs for new ones can bring a fresh look to a bathroom. These days it is easy to pick up all types of handles in different styles, colours and materials that give you the freedom to select what works best for your bathroom.


If your towel rail keeps falling off the wall or your toilet roll holder or soap dish doesn't quite give the appearance of a modern bathroom, replace these with accessories that look the part. Once again, there are plenty of ways to make your own bathroom accessories using wood, or steel if you are handy with a welding machine.


5. Refresh Textiles

Old, worn-out towels don't do anything for a bathroom. Replace these with luxuriously fluffy towels that look good in your bathroom and are great for your body too. Another item that often gets overlooked is the shower curtain. Don't wait until it is covered in mould before tossing it out - you would be surprised at the difference a new shower curtain can make.



And then there is new window treatments. Toss out the frills and bring in sleek sophistication with elegant blinds in aluminium, PVC or fabric. And if you can't find what you are looking for, there's always the option to make a Roman blind using your fabric of choice as a finishing touch for the bathroom.



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