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Budget bathroom makeover

Cosmetic bathroom makeovers are a great project you can do on a weekend and it won't cost a fortune to give your bathroom a fresh new look.


Pop into your nearest Builders store to buy all the materials and supplies you need for this project and then set aside a weekend where you can get stuck in and give a dated bathroom a much needed cosmetic makeover. The bathroom shown here was given a new look with the addition of a few new accessories and some paint.


Knobs and handles

Interior crack filler and spatula

Masking tape

80- and 180-grit sandpaper

Prominent Paints Select Plaster Primer

Prominent Paints Satin Silk in your choice of colour

Paintbrush and paint roller




1. Begin by removing all the cabinet hardware. If you're looking to give a bathroom a modern update, consider replacing old fashioned hardware with newer, modern fittings.

2. For this makeover, the plastic towel rails were replaced with chrome fittings to match the new hardware being installed later on.

3. Fill any wall defects with interior crack filler and let this dry. Once dry, sand smooth. If you are removing fixtures and mounting these elsewhere, use crack filler to fill any holes. In this makeover, we removed the large mirror above the sinks to install new wood frame mirrors. Once removed, the mounting holes were filled in.

GOOD TO KNOW: For a textured wall, use a sea sponge to dab the crack filler before it has time to dry. This will ensure filled areas don't stand out.

4. Cover skirtings, light fittings, window and door frames, and other permanent fixtures, with masking tape.

5. Apply Plaster Primer over any touched up areas and let this dry before applying Prominent Satin Silk to walls. This lead-free and low VOC paint is non-yellowing and resistant to staining. The hardwearing finish is washable for easy cleaning. Use a paintbrush to cut in around the edges and then a paint roller for the large areas.

6. Between paint coats, the new cabinet hardware was installed. Builders have a great selection of knobs and handles, but if you struggle to find what you are looking for, try or a local supplier of cabinet hardware.

7. Once the painting is finished, carefully peel away the masking tape and do any minor touch ups, if necessary.

8. Install new towel rails and fixtures. In most cases, you should be able to use the existing holes for mounting new hardware. However, if new holes need to be drilled, first check with an Electronic Detector to ensure it is safe to drill in a specific area and then use an all-purpose drill bit and nylon wall plugs to secure. 

9. If you are replacing taps and have easy access to do this, leave this until last. However, if you need to pull out the cabinet for access - do this before painting. We offer plenty of advice and tips in our Bathroom section for replacing taps.

It's the little touches like those done here that make all the difference to a bathroom. You don't always have to spend a fortune to give a dated bathroom a new look. Shop around for new cabinet hardware, accessories and fittings, and roll on a coat of paint for a brand new look.


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