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Quick and Easy Cosmetic Bathroom Makeover

Just as you would look different after a cosmetic makeover, so you can bring out a change in a boring white bathroom in the same way - a few cosmetic changes can have a huge impact and we will show you how.



Think of before and after your cosmetic makeup routine, I'm sure that we all agree that you look like a million dollars after primping and preening before the bathroom mirror, except of course, if you have a natural beauty that doesn't require any makeup. The same applies to a boring bathroom, and you can use the same cosmetic tricks to make a boring bathroom beautiful.









Clean, moisturise, apply primer and foundation and then finish off with glam touches for the perfect cosmetic makeover.



Cleanse and Moisturise

Before you apply your morning makeup, a good cleansing is required. The same can be said of a bathroom. Before you can take any cosmetic touches, a good cleaning is required. It's not just about wiping over with a cloth, but more about a bit of scrubbing here and there, taking action to remove mould, tossing out old worn mats or rugs and ridding the bathroom of anything ugly or boring.

Don't forget to clean around light fittings, behind the toilet and in and around window frames or burglar bars. Go for an all-fresh approach in every area of the bathroom. Even something as normal as a good cleaning will instantly make a difference.

The moisturising process for a bathroom would cover polishing and buffing everything until it shines. Use lemon and vinegar to remove hard water stains or soap scud that has accumulated around taps and fittings.



If you're tired of seeing an all-white bathroom, paint is the easiest and most affordable way to bring about change. Add a muted colour to bathroom walls for a refreshed look.







Apply Primer and Foundation

Everyone knows that you need a good quality primer before applying foundation, especially if you want your makeup to last. The same applies to a cosmetic bathroom makeover. If you are painting bathroom walls, use a suitable primer before painting. If you are painting bathroom tiles, a good primer will ensure proper bonding between tiles and paint and a longer-lasting painting job.



The foundation you apply on your face is the first step in a cosmetic makeover, and you can achieve exactly the same with paint. And today's paints can cover a multitude of errors. Choose a flat or matt paint on walls if you need to disguise imperfect plastering. Apply all-in-one primer/ paint on tiles to cover up dated or old-fashioned prints or colours.



At first glance, you would have the impression that this beautiful design is wallpaper, but it is actually a hand-painted feature wall that is oh, so easy to do and much longer-lasting than wallpaper!



Copy and paste the above link into your search page to follow easy step-by-step instructions for creating the wall design featured above.



Highlight the Eyes

When you apply your makeup it's all about making your eyes stand out. Whether you are applying eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara, when applied all together these three elements make your eyes an instant feature. So why not apply this to your bathroom? Window treatments, decorative mirrors, and even wall art are all accessories that highlight a bathroom.

Let the window treatment not only offer privacy but also make windows look stunning. However, choose a spectacular window treatment that still allows plenty of light into the room. Venetian blinds are great as they can be adjusted to allow the right amount of light into the room.


The perfect window treatment should not only be functional, but it should also add pattern or colour to a bland bathroom space.







Spots of Colour

Bronzer, blusher and lipstick, all of, these are tools you would use to add colour to your face and are also the way you can add colour to a bland bathroom. Think towels and rugs and a few carefully selected decor accessories, as well as, possibly, a plant or two to breathe life into the room.



An all-white bathroom, or one with natural stone tiles on walls and floor, can appear cold, and the easiest way to add warmth is to introduce warm colours and fluffy textures, such as towels and rugs.





Unless you are a fan of minimalism or absence of colour, don't let your bathroom be bland and sterile when there are so many ways to make it a more likeable space - one where you love to spend time in the mornings. It isn't expensive to splurge on luxury bathroom textiles to freshen up a bathroom, and if you invest in quality cotton they will last a long time.





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