Lustrolite... Alternative to glass splashbacks

Lustrolite is a high-gloss product that can be used for splashbacks and wall decor for bathrooms and kitchens and offers a more affordable alternative to glass.


Lustrolite - - is a unique blend of polymers and technology that offers the benefits of a painted glass splashback. The product is ideal for use in wet areas, such as bathroom, but can also be used as a decorative wall cladding in kitchen, media rooms and on other indoor vertical surfaces.

Lustrolite has a high-performance, fused colour layer behind the thick optical-grade transparent layer, while the outer surface is also coated in a micro-hard coat, for a finish that will not crack, warp, stain or discolour from normal residential use and affords effortless cleaning.

Supremely hygienic, Lustrolite is ideal for use in wet areas, since the product is inert and non-porous it will not harbour mould, bacteria, soap or calcium build-up. And since the product does not need grouting, there is no potential for mould growth, especially in shower or wet room applications.

Lustrolite can be used for many applications, but the product is not recommended for use behind gas cooktops and must be installed a minimum of 50mm away from ceramic, electric or induction hobs.

Lustrolite is available in a range of six stunning colours. [Arctic - Glacier - Mocha - Blue Atoll - Rouge - Carbon]. Manufactured in convenient sizes (2400 x 1200mm or 2400 x 1000mm), the 4mm thick panels are easy to install and can be fitted over new or existing wall finishes, including tiles. The panels can be cut and drilled with conventional power tools.



◊ Jigsaw with fine-cutting blade and circular saw

◊ Drill / Driver and assorted bits

◊ Sanding block, ine

◊ Neutral cure silicone cartridge and caulking gun

◊ 1.6mm thick double-sided foam tape


Walls must be smooth and dry and any fixings removed or recessed. Lustrolite panels can be installed over existing tiled walls providing that tiles are well secured and thoroughly cleaned before installation.

Use new, fine-toothed blades for cutting panels to avoid chipping the Lustrolite and cut at a moderate speed to prevent burning.

Panels are secured with a combination of silicone and tape.

For more information on Lustrolite panels visit or, the local distributors for this product.