Trending... Tiles that look like concrete

Many homeowners would like to incorporate concrete finishes in a home - without the mess, hassle and cost normally associated with these finishes. A new trend is to use concrete-look tiles.





Where concrete finishes were previously too much work, Johnson Tiles now introduce inkjet printing that allows for a concrete look to be printed onto ceramic and porcelain tile bodies. These photorealistic designs offer home decorators more options to choose from, including raw concrete and softer tones.



Easy to install, concrete tiles require far less maintenance than real concrete and there are different tile formats and sizes that tap into the latest trends and allow for creative patterns. Concrete-look tiles are as functional as they are beautiful and can resist wear and tear, heavy foot traffic, stains, and moisture exposure. They are also cost-effective and easy to maintain, meaning that you can enjoy the beauty of a concrete look without having to worry about the colour fading or cracking.

Concrete-look tiles can be used just about anywhere - both indoors and outdoors. Use on floors, walls, or even for fireplace surrounds. There are a range of colour options to ensure that tiles blend with your existing décor and you can choose a shade that complements your room and design needs.

Now any homeowner can introduce an industrial-style theme or install a concrete-look finishes. With inkjet technology Johnson Tiles also produces wood-look tiles. These can be interspersed with the concrete-look tiles, or even used as a border to create a unique look and bespoke feel in any room.

Grey continues to be a popular colour that works well with most home décor styles. This good news for homeowners who want to incorporate a concrete look. Available in dark and dramatic or soft and serene colour variations, Johnson Tiles concrete-look tiles offer a sophisticated and elegant look.

Concrete-look inkjet tiles by Johnson Tiles provide one of the most durable and long-lasting surfaces around. For more information on concrete flooring, contact Johnson Tiles on 011 206 9700 or visit